Thursday, September 29, 2011

ALOHA!! September 26, 2011

 Elder Stelter and Garritson tracting!
Elders Stelter and Garritson

Elders Street, Garritson, Post and Stelter

Aloha friends and family! Its good to hear from you each and every week, I love to hear about what you are all doing. It's always comforting to know the ones I love back home are doing so well. Things out here are good! The mission is looking good for the upcoming month of October. We had a couple of good months, August and September, and with October being a 5 week month, we will see at least 100 baptisms! We are shooting for our 115 so we'll play it out and see what happens! The weather out here is nice as always, it does get a little cold at night, drops down to 65 or so, have to throw on a jacket sometimes haha!

So these past couple of weeks were crazy what with transfers and stuff. Monday was a good Pday, we all went and hung out at the Clowards house for the final Pday of the transfer! Had a good old BBQ, played some ball and just cruised, always a good time to be with other missionaries. That is one of my favorite parts of the missions, being able to meet all the missionaries and get to know their stories. There are a lot of cool people in this mission!

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy with all the new missionaries coming in. Its always cool picking them up and seeing how excited they are to go out and baptize. It takes me back to the day I first came in and I just think how much more prepared these missionaries are. We had a solid group of elders and sisters come in! They are really good! Wednesday is the day of transfers which is always crazy but this one went really smooth. Everyone got where they need to go and that is all that matters haha! The mission has taught me a lot and one of those things is how to be patient. There are times when you just have to bite your tongue and hold give your whole-hearted support through a difficult time! Definitely a humbling experience! I learn a lot, so its all good.

Thursday was probably one of the hardest days of the mission. Thursday is the day the missionaries go home. So we get to be with them most the day, driving them around. This group that went home was a solid group of elders. All were zone leaders, 4 of them were assistants, and the sisters were solid! They all were missionaries I've looked up to my entire mission and some of my best friends out here. It was cool being able to hear each one of them bear their final testimony of how the mission has blessed their lives. The Spirit is always so strong in that room. We eat and then drop them off at the airport. So hard to say good-bye to each and everyone of them, that's the hardest thing of the mission, saying good-bye to those you love. The only thing that gets me thru it is knowing that I will see them again, whether in this life or the next. Every single one of them, i'ts a comforting doctrine! The mission is very young now, it will be a good 8 more months!

So as for Elder Stelter and I, we have taken over the Kaimuki ward. The ward is solid, we already have 2 people that are getting baptized in the month of October. It's good to have an area and investigators of your own! The first lady is super solid. She is probably in her early to mid 30's and one day just showed up to church. About 10 years ago she was meeting with missionaries and just felt like the church wasn't for her. She went on and went to other churches and kind of just stopped. One Sunday a couple weeks ago she showed up to Church and said she just got a prompting that this is where she needs to be. She met with the ward mission leader who is SOLID and he just made her feel really welcome and involved and she definitely felt the Spirit. We have taught her 2 lessons and they were great! She takes notes, reads everything and recognizes the Spirit as she does so. She is super excited to get baptized at the end of this month on the 22nd. It is always a strengthening of my testimony to see miracles happen like that! The other boy is 19 and he just graduated from high. He had a friend just get baptized a couple months ago and he is just loving it. His friend invited him to church and now he is planning to get baptized on the 29th of October so its really cool. We haven't had a lesson with him but he already has a strong testimony

Love this work man, its the best. Thank you all for everything, thank you for the prayers! Stay close to the Gospel, this world is getting crazier and crazier but I know as we stay close to the Gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ we will be protected from the storms of the adversary. Love you all, have a great week!

Elder G.

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