Monday, May 23, 2011

ALOHA! May 23, 2011

Well transfers have come and gone I am stoked to be with Elder Larsen! He is from Bountiful, Utah and he is a solid Elder. He has 2 transfers left so he is going to teach me a lot and we are going to get this work rolling. And to put a cherry on top, I am back living with Elder Tuih again. He just moved into the Tongan Ward in our stake so us 4 live together. We are having a great time along with doing great work. It's the best and I am loving it!

So this week we were just out there cake building trying to find some new people to teach. We had some success finally on Saturday while we were tracting. Talked to this guy who was interested and we got a return appointment with him. We teach really well together so our lessons are super spiritual. It was a cool lesson.

Friday night was legit like I said we are living with Elder Tuih and his companion so we got into a new pad! Finally I get to sleep on a bed after 2 months of not and it's amazing. Our pad is solid and its brand new so there are no problems with it. Gotta love moving to a new place!

Other than that all is well with us out here. Not too many people we are working with right now so we are just trying to do some work to find people to teach. I can feel it coming, we are going to be together for 2 transfers and just do work! I sure hope so. First day of our tracting we found out we have choke common friends so we had some good times.

I love this work! I love our Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He died for each and every one of us so that we can recieve salvation! You are always in my prayers, Love you all!

Elder Garritson

Late posting from last week, 5/26/2011--ALOHA!!!

Well another week down, transfers have come and I am staying in Makakilo but my companion Elder Condiff is leaving. It was kind of a suprise seeing that he only has 1 transfer left but ya know the Lord works in mysterious ways! I am getting Elder Larsen who is a stud! He only has a couple transfers left but he is a great missionary that I have always looked up to so we are going to do work out here. I am excited for this upcoming transfer, we should hopefully have a couple of our current investigators come around and make the step towards baptism!

Pretty crazy week with transfer coming up and all so not too much happened. A lot of our investigators cancelled on us again unfortunately but we were able to find a couple new ones thru tracting so it will be good to start working with them. This should be a good week, should have a lot to talk about next Monday. Thats all I got for now, hope all is well, Love you all!
Elder Garritson

Monday, May 9, 2011

ALOHA! May 9, 2011

Well this week was crazy! We had more rain here than anyone can imagine. Up in Laie it rained for 16 hours straight and they had about 9 inches of rain! Crazy stuff. We are on the dry side of the island so we got a lot of rain for it being this side, but not nearly that much. Hopefully this week should be clearing up so we should be able to get out more and talk to people. Satan is doing work to try and stop Vision 100 but I think we will be able to pull it off. We have a lot of work to do we are around 30 baptisms right now with 3 weekends left so we have choke work to do but it can be done!

So as a zone, we are really struggling so we decided to do a zone car wash to try and find people. I didn't think it was going to go thru and then once it did, I didn't think it would produce and results because it was a super rainy day but we were actually able to see a lot of people come and most went and took a chapel tour with the sisters as we were washing their cars! It was cool, it was a fun thing to do and so we will be doing that in the future.

As far as our area goes we are looking on the brightside of things and one of our investigators is really close to making that step towards baptism. She is solid, her Mom got baptized in Kentucky about a year ago so she is close, once she comes to church I think it will be all set in stone! Than one of our wards had a Mother Day dinner at the Chapel for all the Mothers and it was sweet!! They did well in setting it up and getting things to look good. They cooked Prime Rib! It was a great thing to get non members and less actives in the church because we had a lot of them there! Hopefully that produces results!

Other than that everything was same old same old! It was great to talk to my family again this Mothers Day. Sounds like all is well back in Utah. Keep working hard and praying for the success in the building up of the Kingdom of God! We have a lot of work ahead of us before the second coming, so keep doing you part. You are all in my prayers.
Love you guys!
Elder G.

Pictures from Laie

We got new pictures! They are all from Jordan's time in Laie, so, just think back to all the stories he told from there!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

ALOHA-May 2, 2011

Well this week was one of the most trying and humbling weeks of the whole transfer, but yet it was so rewarding now that it is over. These are the weeks that you hate the most when they are happening but when they are over you appreciate them more than ever because you grow a ton. We had choke appointments cancel thru out the week so that was a bummer. We did have a good turn out at our Ward Party and the Mormon Helping Hands project. We actually had a couple non members there who said they are interested in learning about the church so, with everything bad that happened this week, the Lord really blessed us with that!

So this Friday was awesome. We had a ward birthday party for the Kalaeloa ward that we are serving in. This ward has been around for 2 years so it was cool. There was choke food and a lot of entertainment. Probably the whole ward was there for the most part. Thats the awesome thing I have noticed about these island people, if there is a party there is tons of people and tons of food! No one leaves hungry. There was this family that did some Tahitian dancing, it was sweet. I am going to learn how to dance like a Tahitian, its sick! There was a 2 year old boy who can dance better than me, it was sweet to see him go at it. I'll try to send some video home of it. But our investigators and a couple recent converts were there so it was a really great success. The Spirit was strong and everyone had a great time. The fellowship from the ward is awesome and they make the people feel right at home.

Church was a great testimony builder for me yesterday. In one of our wards a father passed away unexpectly leaving behind a wife and 2 kids. Well one of the kids got up and bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and it really brought the Spirit. It helped me to realize that everything that happens in this life is so little in comparision to the big picture. We need to prepare ourselves for eternity by doing what the Lord wants us too. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that he did for each and everyone of us so that we can live together with him again. I know that families can live forever thru ordinances performed in the Holy Temples of God. Don't ever settle for anything short. Follow our Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has taught us and life with be great and we will one day receive "never-ending happiness" as it teaches us in Mosiah 2:41. I know this is true, and the work I am doing right now is His work. Thanks for all you examples, prayers and blessings, they don't go unnoticed.

Love you guys!
Elder G