Monday, May 28, 2012

Aloha 'Oe

It's crazy to think that this is the last email of my entire mission.
It's a very weird feeling. Your entire mission you think a lot about
this day and these times, but it honestly never feels like it will
come. And as much as you want it to come, it feels like it never will.
Then when it does come, you wish you could just stop time and go back.
You don't want it to happen.

I have learned so much from my mission that I could write for days. I
think first and foremost about my testimony of this Church, I know
without a doubt that it is true. If I didn't serve a mission, I don't
know if I would have ever gained this testimony. Everything that I
will do in my life from here on out will be effected by my decision to
serve in Hawaii for our Savior Jesus Christ for 2 years. Not a day
will go by where I won't think about the people I met, the lessons I
learned, or the testimony I gained! And hey, being on these beautiful
islands didn't hurt either!

As I leave this place my thoughts of sadness and depression are
replaced with feelings of gratitute. First and foremost to my Father
in Heaven for giving me, such a rascal little boy, the opportunity to
represent His Son Jesus Christ in the islands of Hawaii. I am grateful
for my parents for raising me with the expectation to serve a mission,
as much and I didn't want to and wanted to do my own thing, I always
knew what they expected of me and that's why I am here. I love them so
much, they are the best parents ever! I am grateful to all those that
have supported me out here, friends and family back home. I love you

 Last but not least my gratitute goes out to the people of Hawaii.
I never thought that I would come to love these people as much as I
have, but I really love them so much! It's so hard to say bye, it's
hard to leave those you love. Coming out on a mission was hard, but I
always knew that I would see my family and friends again. Coming home
is even harder, because I won't see very many of these people again. I
am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ though because one day,
whether in this life or the next, I will see all these people again
that have changed my life forever.

I love this work. I love my mission so much. I love our Savior Jesus Christ,
I am so grateful for his Atonement and making it possible that I can sit here today. I know
He lives. I know that our Father loves us and blesses us each and
everyday. He knows what we need, and if we stay close to him we will
be on the right path. I am grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and
the Book of Mormon. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! No doubt about it. I love you
all so much, thank you for everything.

Aloha 'Oe to the people that I have come to love so much!

Elder Jordan Garritson
Hawaii Honolulu Mission
May 2010 - May 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 21, 2012

Well the feeling is bitter sweet that is for sure. I am trying not to
think about it but the fact that this is the last week of missionary
work as a full time missionary is scary, but I'll live. It's crazy to
think that two years has gone by already. It doesn't seem like it, but
it's been a great ride. I'll give my final hurrah in an email next
week, still have work to do this week.

We had an awesome week this week, especially on Wednesday. We flew to
Oahu and had a mission tour from Elder Wilson of the 2nd Quorum of the
70. He spoke last general conference on Sunday. It's always amazing to
hear from General Authorities, you definitely take everything they say
as straight revelation from God. It was funny and a very humbling
experience for me. We were guessing what he would talk about, knowing
all the mission and what not, but we were way off.
Elder Wilson talked about the most important thing anyone can ever do,
read the Book of Mormon. He taught us the power behind in and how if
someone is to become CONVERTED to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they
must read from the Book of Mormon each and everyday. You learn that
early on in the mission, and it sticks with you, but you kind of put
it on the back burner at times. It's sad but its the truth. Well it
was good to hear that, because, not only is it going to help with
missionary work, but it was a good thing to hear as I am coming down
to the close. The way that I have gained a strong testimony of the
Gospel is not because I am on a mission. Yes a mission has helped, but
it's the things that I have done on a mission, and most importantly is
reading the Book of Mormon everyday. That book is true, I know it with
all my heart! Read the Book of Mormon, I love it and it will bless you
life in ways that you would never think. It was a good mission tour,
very grateful for it.

Sunday was hard, the ward gave me some time to speak in Sacrament
meeting. Just like leaving home is hard to say bye to people you love,
I think leaving the mission has been a harder experience. I love the
people of Hawaii, the wards I have served in, this has been the most
amazing place to be in the whole world!

 I love you all, I'll see you
in a few!  Elder G

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New pictures! New video clips!

 The zone leaders and district leaders ferry between the islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molikai.

Jordan with Elder Menlove in Lanai in January

A view from the Lodge in Lani

(You may have to pause the music to hear the talking in the videos!  Sorry about that!)  

A couple of videos from their trip to Lanai.  One they were bicycling through Lanai, then the whale watch on the way back!  Fun to hear his voice!  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday April 16, 2012

Well it's the final transfer call week and Elder Carrel and I are
staying together. No suprise though, we knew that was going to happen.
Most of the Maui zone is staying the same, we have a few elders
leaving but not too many. That's good, we have an awesome zone and
everyone loves each other, so it will be a good transfer!

This week has been a little slow, not too much happened. We are just
working one finding new investigators to work with. We have been
struggling in that department, but we saw some miracles this week with
some people so we will see how that all pans out. The ward that we are
in is super chill! Everyone loves the missionaries and they are all
very loving. We have had some great ward council meetings these past
couple weeks all on missionary work and how to push the missionary
work forward, so we are going to start seeing the fruits of that. It's
good to be in a ward where everyone is so loving, caring, and
charitable. I love the mission, its the best.

Just a thought this week as we have been thinking about missionary
work and pushing the work forward. "To get what we've never had, we
must do what we've never done." I thoroughly enjoy that quote, and I
think it applies to all of us in whatever aspect of life it is.
Whether it is school, work, the Gospel, it won't just automatically
come. We have to change, we have to progress, we have to do what we
have never done. I know that is the truth in life, and as we do that,
we will see things change and we will become the person that we want
to become. I love you all, have a great week! 

Elder G.