Monday, September 5, 2011

ALOHA--September 5, 2011

Boy sounds like everything back home is flying by 100 miles per hour! Its good to hear you guys are doing well though, that the baby is healthy and school and stuff is in order. You know, it puts a smile on a missionary's face hearing about his family and how well they are doing. Being 3000 miles away and knowing that they are doing well is good stuff. I love it. Sounds like the football season is in full swing, Cougs & Utes coming out victorious is always a good thing to hear. Bummer to hear the Aggies barely lost to Auburn.

The work of the Lord here in Hawaii is solid as ever!
This week was crazy with all the zone conferences! We started Tuesday in Kauai, Wednesday back in Laie (ah I miss that place like crazy), Thursday over in Kaneohe and Friday we went over to Big Island. Man it was a fun time, we had some good stuff happen. Zone Conference is the best, so much learning goes on and the best part of it all is to hear President Dalton speak at the end. The focus right now is the Doctrine of Christ and that is always something good to hear.

This weekend was amazing! On Saturday was the baptism of Tayla Jay, the daughter of Brother and Sister Jay who were baptized last year when I was in Kahala. The baptism was so spiritual. It was cool to be able to be back in Kahala ward. So many good faces and members that I haven't seen in a long time, it was good to be there. On Sunday we got to be a part of her confirmation and being up on that stand while she was being confirmed brought a flood of memories from last year when Brother and Sister Jay got confirmed. Such a testimony builder. The blessing she received after the gift of the Holy Ghost was pronounced upon her was wonderful. I have been so blessed with everything out here on my mission. Companions I have had, wards I have served in, investigators and converts I have been able to meet, everything. I couldn't ask for anything better! I love it, I love this work, I love this Gospel. Sorry this is so short, things right now are crazy but are going really well, I love you all! Stay in touch!

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