Monday, October 3, 2011

ALOHA October 3, 2011

Boy what a good week last week. We got a lot of things accomplished and the best part was watching conference! Man conference is the best thing in the World, I cannot believe I never paid attention when I was younger. It seems like when people go on missions or grow up they seem to realize the importance of conference. Men of God are speaking to us, it's unreal. I would take watching conference over any TV show or movie any day, it was super enjoyable. I learned so much. A lot on missionary work which always hits home, a lot on trials and a lot on repentance. We were talking the other day about our favorites and it is just too hard to pin it down to one or two. I could watch and listen to any of them over and over. I thoroughly enjoyed Elder Christoffersen's about repentance and the power of the atonement. The 5 things he listed really was cool to hear. Elder Holland in Priesthood Session was phenomenal, but that's what you expect from him. You young men I sure hope you were listening to his and President Packer's talk. They gave some solid advice! I don't know how you couldn't listen to them. Mom & Dad, you better have been listening too, you're getting to that ripe old age of serving a mission as well hahaha! It's really cool how the church is helping to support the senior couples so they can serve a mission. Think about it, if this church was false, why would the church go through so much strife and cost and everything to send people out on missions? If this church was false, why would 14 million people listen for 10 hours to old men in white shirts and ties? There is no way this is not true. No one can honestly listen to these general authorities, apostles and the prophet and tell me this is all a hoax. To listen to men of that stature, so well accomplished in life talk about how Christ and His Atonement and how blessed their lives are, bearing sincere and solid testimony of Him, come on now, IT"S TRUE! I love it. My testimony was strengthened by each and every talk given. What a great weekend!

This week we had a great lesson with the 19 year old kid that we have been teaching. He is solid, he is a fire knife dancer and performs for tourists almost every night. Really good at it, I am super jealous of him. He was so stoked for conference so we will see on Wednesday what he thought. He is getting baptized on the 29th of this month so that will be a good day. He reads the Book of Mormon everyday and that is why his testimony is already so strong. Listen to Elder Callister's talk about the Book of Mormon,  he talked about why the Book of Mormon is true. Every single investigator that gets baptized is a living witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, it really will bless your life more than you can imagine. The lady we were teaching has taken a break which was real disheartening but she will come around I know it.

On Thursday we were teaching this teenage girl that we tracted into. She is super cool, grew up believing in God and such but just has never really been active in any church that she has attended. She said she is looking for something new so Elder Street and Elder Mafi taught her a lesson once and then on Thursday was the first lesson we had with her. In light of conference, we obviously taught about prophets and the importance of conference. It was super cool and spiritual, we first taught about prophets in the past and their pattern and then we told about Joseph Smith and then said the Prophet today is Thomas S. Monson. She jumped a little and said "wait, there is a prophet on the earth today!?" Amazing the knowledge that we have of that and no one else does. She was excited to watch conference so hopefully everything went well with that.

Other than that things are well, we had ZLC today which was good, President gave us a powerful testimony. We have a lot of good stuff coming up, the mission is striving to hit 115 baptisms for this month of October and the mission is really loading up for the next 4 weeks, we will see what happens. Good stuff is in store. I love you! Thanks for everything you do, it means so much to me! God speed!

PS. Mom you were right, you should have MADE me play the piano when I was younger, I now regret it haha!

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