Monday, September 12, 2011

ALOHA!! September 12, 2011--HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!!!

Whats up! Thanks for the birthday wishes, much appreciated. I am being taken care of out here don't worry. We hit up some Denny's this morning and then tomorrow night President is taking us out to eat so I am pumped. It's just another day, 21 already though, crazy stuff. Its already been 21 years I cannot believe it.

So this week was good, we had some good zone conferences around the island. Tuesday we were over in Makakilo at the Stake Center, which is in Kapolei. So many good memories over there! I love that place to death, it was cool just driving around there. Wednesday was over in Maui and what's not to like about that place. Thursday was here in Honolulu and that was solid just because of everyone that was there. It's hard to see all the missionaries that are going home bear their final testimonies. It's definitely a testament to me of how true the Gospel is seeing how the Lord shapes us while we are out here on a mission. The 7 elders and 4 sisters that go home this next week are some of the best we have. They were all very successful out here and changed many lives, but most importantly their own lives where changed. It is going to be hard to say good-bye to these missionaries.

This weekend was just kind of planning out for the upcoming transfer so nothing to special. We found a solid mexican food place to eat at tho! Man you don't realize how much you miss something until you don't have it anymore, and mexican food is one of those things in Hawaii! There are hardly any places so its always a blessing to eat at one!
Anywho, I love you all! I know that this is the true Church on the earth today, that Jesus Christ established it. I know that he is our Savior and he did what he said he did so that we can return to Father. Thank you for everything, have a great week!
Love to all.
Elder G.

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  1. Happy birthday Elder G! What a milestone! It sounds like you're doing awesome and someday I'd love to find out the details about how transfers are made. :)