Friday, September 2, 2011

ALOHA!! August 30, 2011

What a good week over here in Hawaii, every week is a good week come on now its Hawaii! We saw some good miracles and the hand of the Lord in a lot of our work, it was great.

On Monday we were able to go to the Jay's and be there for the marriage of their daughter. She was baptized by the bishop of the Kahala Ward and it was a very good talk he gave! He talked about having a "high performance" marriage and how that is possible. It was something that obviously didn't apply right now but I put it in the back of my mind for the futute haha! See I got it all down. The best part is now that they are married, they will be baptized this Saturday! Almost one year from when Brother and Sister Jay were baptized. I am so excited to be back in Honolulu, I have been able to see Bro. and Sis. Jay a couple times while being in town, they are just the best. Bro. Jay is still cracking his jokes and making everyone laugh, I love it! I cannot wait for the baptism this Saturday, it will be the best

On Wednesday we were over in Waipahu and saw a huge miracle. The elders over there have been working with these 2 kids for a while now and the kids are dying to get baptized but the father feels they aren't ready. Every time the kids pray they would just pray that they can get baptized. They attend church every week and it was just time, just waiting for that right moment. Well a tradegy happened and we went over there and explained that if the kids receive the Holy Ghost it will help them through this hard time. The Father's attitude completely changed and he asked us if we really believed that was true, we bore testimony that it was and it will! He said okay lets do it this Saturday! The kids were baptized and on Sunday recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost! What a miracle, the Lord always provides a way, I love it!

Friday was a great day, I was able to go out with Elder Carter and Elder Bown. Elder Carter and I were in the MTC together and he is just a hilarious kid. So being together with him is always just a riot. We have a good time and do some good laughing but get a lot of work done. Elder Bown is the man too. I would love to be companions with him one day, that would be awesome!

Saturday and Sunday we just had a lot of planning for these upcoming weeks, the next 2 weeks we will be around to all the zones at zone conference. We are really excited, this will be awesome! Today we were over on Kauai for the first of 7 zone conferences. I saw my boy Elder Smith, he is the best. I miss that kid like crazy we had some good old days back in Kahala. He is doing well over there, lucky guy this is his second time serving on Kauai and most people never get to serve there! Also crazy stuff, Sister Brown gave her final testimony. She goes home next transfer. The crazy thing is that she came out with us. So that just means time is running by quickly. Still have a while but its scary! I am loving it tho, these 2 weeks will be awesome!

Well Elder G is an uncle once again! My brother Tyler and his wife had their second baby last night. Autumn Alexandria Garritson. She is so cute! I wish I could be there but I know I am in the right place right now. My other niece Afton is huge and now is talking, its amazing how fast kids grow up. This gospel is the best, I am so grateful that we can live together as families forever! What a joy to be able to have that knowledge!

 Thanks for everything, love you guys!

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