Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ALOHA- August 22, 2011

Well another week down and this week was definitely not as eventful as the last week. We went on some good exchanges this week but nothing too crazy. We had a way cool experience on Saturday when we went up to the baptism of a guy in Laie. He has been taught by missionaries for over a year and was super solid but never felt right about being baptized. He had a lot of days where he committed to being baptized but never got to that point, until Saturday. He got baptized and it was a super spiritual experience! He bore his testimony after and said he knew that everything was true. Glad to see another worthy convert enter into the covenant!

This week was my "return to old areas" week. On Wednesday we went out on exchanges with the zone leaders over in Kapolei! I went with Elder Routt, he is one solid elder! Really taught me a lot and we had a good time being together. We had some good success, found a couple new potentials and saw the old members. Boy do I miss that ward, I love everyone there they are the best. We stopped by Roclyn and Elroy's house as well, they are the best! I miss those 2 like crazy! They were super shocked to see me but we had a good talk and they are doing solid. Been confirmed and just loving the church. They are going to seminary as well and love it. Great day.

Thursday was another great day, we went out to Kahala, my first area! I love that area too, such a solid place. I went out with E. Nawatu from Fiji and E. Menlove from Olympus. Two more great missionaries that just work their hearts out. They are having a lot of good success over in Kahala, but that is expected because they are good, hard-working elders. Everyday I go out I learn something new and it just makes me so grateful to be able to see so many elders.

The best part of the entire exchange was that we had dinner with the JAYS! Man it was so good to see them again, they are doing very well, B. Jay is still the Gospel Doctrine teacher and S. Jay is in the Relief Society Presidency. They are currently in the temple prep classes and they finish them up in about 1 month. They are going to be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity!!! I am so happy, they are either doing it the last week of September or right after conference, ah what a blessing. It made me so happy to hear that. I cannot wait until that day, they are the best. To add more to the cake, tonight their daughter is getting married and coming up on the 3rd she will be baptized along with her husband! It starts with one person and the rest follow when they see the change come into their lives. I am so grateful for that, cannot wait for these upcoming months, they will be the best.

Things are going well out here, I really appreciate everything that you have all done for me. May the Lord bless you all in all that you are doing,
Love you guys!
Elder G

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