Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More pictures July 24, 2011

Elder Allen and Elder Savage. They live in Up country on Maui in Makawao. They live right next to the first chapel ever built on Maui. It was so cold up there! Man I froze! But it was fun these are solid elders.

This is Elder Latu (from Tonga) and Elder Latu (from Utah) haha. They are probably related somehow but they aren't sure. They are actually companions! Haha its pretty funny,

Elder Street, Elder Smith and me. We went over to Kauai last saturday, sunday and monday and had good exchanges and did a solid hike. It was fun to have us 3 back together, we had some good times back in Kahala. I love these kids

After the hike. Me, Sis. De Arton, Sis. Brown and Elder Street. These 2 sisters are the first sisters Kauai has had in a long time so they are very lucky and they are doing very well over there.

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