Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ALOHA! July 24, 2011


Well this week was one of the most fun, tiring weeks I have had in a long time. We were on 3 different islands with a lot of different elders so it was a blast! I am counting my many blessings every single day. I am so grateful for my mission and the things that I have been able to learn while being out here. Each and every person that I have met has made an influence on my life and changed me for the better. My testimony has grown so much and I have never been closer to my Father in Heaven, I love it!

So last week Saturday we took a plane flight over to Kauai and that was just the start of an awesome week. I sat next to this awesome lady from Germany who was so nice. We had a good talk the whole time and than I started to talk about the Gospel and she loved it. She is on Kauai just for an internship and was very interested. It was cool to be able to meet and talk with her, I love meeting new people especially on airplanes. Being on the airplane is one of my favorite things now as a missionary, its the best!

On Sunday I was able to be with Elder Cart and Elder Bowlby for church, and church there is the best. The chapel is super old school and it has like glass doors and its super small. The ward is all local and very nice. There are only 5 wards over on Kauai but they are some of the best. It was probably my favorite sacrament that I have ever been to on my mission. A returned missionary from their ward spoke and he gave the best talk I have ever heard. He did his talk exactly how I feel it should be done, he had the whole congregation listening and he told some amazing stories! Everyone loved it. After that the classes were awesome, I learned about how to be a good husband so I took some notes and stored that away for a while haha! Very enjoyable.

After that on Monday we did the best hike ever over on Kauai! I cant remember what its called but it was a 8 mile round trip hike up to an awesome waterfall. Perfect hike, wasn't too hot and the whole zone went so we had a very good time. We had the cross the river many times and I won't name any names but I accidently let a couple people fall in as they were making their way across the rocks. Lets just say this person was pretty mad at me for a second, but they will live haha! Nah it was pretty funny and it was all good no one was mad, I did feel really bad though. Once we got there the falls were amazing and oh did I want to go swim in the pool. It was a huge one and pictures really don't do it justice. Great P day right there, Kauai is so beautiful, its my favorite island that I have been on. It was a blast being back with my boy Elder Smith, he and Elder Coffin are doing work over there. A lot of baptisms coming up, man I love all the elders and sisters over on that island, they are great!

After that we took a flight over to Maui and I sat next to another awesome lady. She was a religous teacher from another church but we just had the best coversation and she didn't hold anything against me for being a missionary, something that happens a lot. She is in my prayers every night, I know she will see the light sooner or later, she has too!

Maui was awesome, we had some definate miracles happen. When I was with Elder Savage and Elder Allen the Lord was just throwing them at us like it was no big deal. First off while we were tracting we found a new investigator and a less active girl who wants to start coming back to church. The less active girl was an awesome story because we knocked on her door and the boyfriend was totally not interested and she was like, wait Mormons! So she came to the door and told us she had some problems but that she wanted to change and get back to the church. She remembers a lot and has only been away from church for 5 years or so. Well we started talking about the love Heavenly Father still has for her and it was so spiritual. She started crying and was so close to letting come back to teach but she was like I will call you, the answer you NEVER want to hear. We walked away and I was like dangit, she will never call, I am still waiting for the first person that said that to call me. But as we all know the Lord is a pretty comical guy , so later that night as we were at McDonalds eating Elder Allen gets a call and what do you know, its her! She wanted to know when church was and she told us she would be there! Oh man I was just laughing, it was so cool. I hope she comes to church today.

After that the very next house had a SUPER long driveway and I really didn't want to walk up it. We got to the top and there was a no trespassing sign, and I never knock on those doors. I was the only one that saw it but for some reason I didn't say anything. I was thinking it in my mind to say something but I never said it. Well we knocked on his door and he was probably the nicest guy I have ever met. He has read the Book of Mormon before, was talking to us about the Pearl of Great Price and asked us about the Urim and Thummim. It was wild, he knew more than I did and he hasn't studied about us in over 20 years! Phenomenal memory and he was loving it, asked us to come back! It was so cool, definitely one of the best tracting sessions I have ever had. I love when stuff like that happens, it really strengthened my testimony.

Then it didn't even end at that, after we went to McDonalds for dinner and this lady walks up to Elder Savage and was like I know a couple Mormons and their families are awesome. I want that for my family, how can I join your church?! Hahaha they set an appointment and I haven't heard how it went but with a question like that I am sure she will be baptized very shortly! Oh the blessings of hard work, if you work hard and do exactly what the Lord asks, he will throw miracles at you that you would never expect!
Love you guys!

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