Monday, July 4, 2011

ALOHA and HAPPY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy what a wild week for us over here in Hawaii! Its been a good one though, and it's nice to have the 4th of July to have a little break. How truly blessed we are to be living here in such a wonderful country where we have the freedom to choose what we want to do and believe.

Well Tuesday started by heading over to the airport to pick up 21 new missionaries! Solid ones came in. It was fun to go there, really brought back memories of the first day here in the field. It will be fun to see these missionaries grow and progress. Then, Wednesday was probably the craziest day of my whole life. Starting with the transfer meeting and then ending off with taking 7 of the new elders to the airport to fly to different islands, while only having 2 cars. We made it in 2 trips luckily but bags were on laps and stuff! It was nuts but definitely a relief to get that out of the way.

Thursday was not the best day only for one reason, saying goodbye to all the missionaries going home. We dropped them off at the airport and watched them say goodbye to members and then walk thru the security line. 2 missionaries I really looked up to just headed home, Elder Condiff whom I served with and then Elder Biggs who was the AP right before me. It was hard but they served solid missions, so it was just bitter sweet. Crazy stuff.

This whole week Elder Street and I have been driving all over Oahu buying and delivering bikes and beds for missionaries. I have never driven this much in my life, its fun though. Definitely not what I expected but we got it all done by Saturday and now we are ready to rock!

I am super pumped for this week, I cannot wait. We start off by heading to Honolulu tomorrow to go out with some missionaries, and then Wednesday morning we will be flying over to the Big Island to go out with the missionaries over there in Kona. I haven't been off this rock yet so it will be cool! We will be there until Saturday and we will fly back to here Saturday.

On Saturday night a woman, Elizabeth ***** that Elder Larsen and I were teaching over in Kapolei ward is getting baptized and so we are going to be able to head out to that! What a blessing to see more people enter into the waters of baptism!!

I love this work, it's amazing. Hope all is well back home, sounds like things are solid.
Love you all, Happy 4th!
Elder G

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