Monday, July 11, 2011

ALOHA! July 11, 2011

Me with Elder Biggs

Boy what a week! Probably one of the best weeks out here for me in a while. Its been a real hard working week and we saw a lot of miracles happen.

Starting off with Tuesday I stayed around here in Honolulu and went out with a couple elders. Funny kids man, we walked a lot! I am grateful I have never been in a walking area, I would die. It was fun though, and a good experience.

(the Kona Temple)
Wednesday I finally made it off the rock of Oahu! Haha! We flew to Kona on Big Island and it was a blast. Its crazy how big it really is over there, way bigger than you would expect. The island of Oahu can fit inside the big island like 6 times or something. It's super country and people are way laid back over there. The weather was nice and cool so that was a real plus. We had some super spiritual lessons, there are some solid elders out here. I am really enjoying going around to meet with different elders, I learn more than I could even imagine, so I couldn't ask for anything better.

Saturday was the best day ever! A lady we were teaching back when I was serving in Kapolei got baptized. The ward was super supportive and there were choke people there to witness it. She was super happy to be baptized and has a super strong testimony. Everything in missionary work is worth it when you have a baptism. All the hard times don't even phase you once you see someone enter into the Kingdom of God. What a blessing to be serving over here on the islands of Hawaii, I couldn't be in a better place.

Hope all is well, love you guys!
Love, Elder G.

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