Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ALOHA! September 27, 2010

(Jordan's companion's mom posted this pic on her website. It's a fun pic of the two of them looking down on Waimanalo and Kailua. Beautiful island! Thanks Sis. Smith!)
Well another week down and this one was a pretty solid week! Everyone here is getting really excited for the Laie Temple to open back up. They have been remodeling it for the past couple years. They kept pushing the dates back, it was originally suppose to open in the beginning of the year, then the middle, and then finally in November it will be dedicated and October will be the open house. We have some ward temple trips planned for the open house, but I don't know if we will be able to go because missionaries are not allowed to proselyte during Open Houses of the temple, so we will see. This is partly the reason why work is so slow right now, everyones focus is on the open house and not missionary work, so we have hit the pavement hard with very little success, but thats okay we keep going along knowing that the Lord will provide!

This week was an interesting week, most of our investigator lessons fell thru. We had a lesson with D*** and K*** on Tuesday and it was definitely a different lesson. We taught them about faith and we watched Finding Faith in Christ, which is a phenomenal video! It shows the life of Jesus Christ and all that he did. K**** is ready to be baptized, we just have to set a date with her. Since she is 8 it doesn't count on our "numbers" as a baptism but it really is. Thats the one buggy thing about the mission, everyone says they aren't worried about numbers, but they are. It brings a lot of frustration because what doesn't go into numbers is the hard work with no success. Its good tho, the man upstairs knows all! Ha but D*** is a tough kid, he thinks very very hard and is struggling to find his faith. Continue praying for him, because miracles will happen!

Our lessons with A*** and C*** this week fell thru. They both are super busy! C**** kids are baptized, so they don't like us so much because we won't go to movies and stuff with them. So we are working hard with them to help them realize how much we do love them and how much we want to see them succeed. If you are a future missionary reading this, DO NOT be an apostate missionary. Just do what the Lord wants, put your life in his hands for these 2 years and it will be the greatest time of your life! (Jordan said the missionaries that baptized those kids would go to the movies with them--those who don't follow the rules are apostate! haha! Jordan isn't opinionated or anything, is he??!!)

We had an interesting experience with Bill this week. (Bill is the guy we tracted into and cut down some bamboo for him) Well Tuesday night he invited us over for a BBQ he was having so we were super excited. Well we got there and everyone was drinking! And than they offered us some! Everyone was super nice but it was just out of our comfort zone. There was one lady there who was very interested in our religion and the BOM. We shared a message with her about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! We committed her to church (she didn't come) but she had a good reason not to. We are going to work hard with her, she has high potential!

Work is great as always, how could it not be, its the Lords work! My quote from today comes from Joshua 1:9, most of you probably know this one but it is a scripture that saved my life. I probably wouldn't be out here without this scripture. It is so powerful and I testify to you all that it is true. Take a read and ponder over its words, because this scripture really changed my life. Conference is coming up and I am super excited, all of you better be watching!! Hope all is well, love you all!

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  1. You're welcome to take and use any picture I have on there! On Travis' blog where I just posted part of his letter I'm not sure if Jordan is in the picture in the white sunglasses or if he's taking the picture! If you click on it it will enlarge and then you can decide if that's him!