Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aloha! August 30, 2010

(I got busy last week, so there are 2 posts today-one is from the 23rd, the other from the 30th!)

Howzit my friends? Hope all is well back in mainland, school starting up and summer is over! Sounds like everyone had a good summer and everyone was safe so thats what I like to hear! Good luck in school ya'll and stay focused!

Nothing too much has happened here this week. Our teaching pool is very slim now that Brother and Sister J*** got baptized so we have hit the streets hard again trying to find new investigators. Our ward really needs to get the 15 name program going (not sure if that is done in utah, but it is where the ward council picks 15 names, members or non members, go to their homes and invite them to hear the missionary dicussions) if they say yes, we have a lesson. If not we are stuck. So our ward hasn't been doing it so we are really working hard and are gonna have to be bold with the members so they start to pick up. Don't be scared members!!!! Share the gospel with your friends, the worst thing that will happen is they say no. This is their fsalvation at stake!!! Ha and if you need a simple way let me know and I can help you out with that one! But thats about all we are doing.

We have been working hard with some less active members to get them back to church. One of the families, the D******, are really coming close. Most missionaries give up on them but I will not! I know they will come back before I leave this area (which could be next week wednesday). Its all about faith. We have another lady we are teaching in the Hawaii Kai ward but she just wants to bash with us, so those are the lessons you have to be careful with because it can quickly turn into a heated conversation (which if it turns to that, I don't back down and I don't lose!) But thats about the work. Continue to be great member missionaries!

Outside of the misssionary work we got the opportunity to go to Pearl Harbor on Wed. to do some service on the USS Missouri! That was awesome! What an amazing ship. President Dalton set this service up for us, he is such a stud. Really doing a lot of good things for this mission and I am especially grateful I have the opportunity to serve under him! But Pearl Harbor was great, we were really blessed and priviledged to serve there and got a tour of the ship and everything. It was a good break from the missionary lifestyle, but yet still rendering our service!
Here is your thought for the week: "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear" -President Hinkley Self explanatory.
Take care all of you, love you all! Keep writing me!
Elder Garritson

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