Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 7, 2010-Staying in Kahala!!!


6 more weeks in Kahala! I am pretty stoked about it, this ward is super tight and its going to be interesting because the area is dead so we are going to have to work hard to get it back on fire, I know the Lord will provide if we work hard! It's still me and Elder Smith so its good stuff! We have a good time together, our whole zone pretty much stayed the same, except our district leader Elder Labarre went home, he served a good mission, really tight kid. He is moving to Daybreak in October so keep an eye out, short blonde kid haha! Oh yeah we are also taking over the Hawaii Kai area as well, so we have a huge area! It will be fun, its a good area. We are now covering the richest areas of Hawaii haha!

So an update on the J***, they are doing so solid! They love the ward and are really fitting in. You won't believe this, Uncle B**** has been called as Gospel Doctrine teacher, can you believe it!?!? Ha he is kinda nervous, but he knows the call has come from the Lord so he has no question it is for him. He will do great, we did some service for him today and that was solid, my back hurts now though haha!

Work is kinda dead for Kahala, the only 2 we are teaching are D**** and K***. D**** is 13 and K*** is 8. They moved here from mississippi with their mom, who is not active. They are coming along pretty well, they have had a lot of wrong information put in their minds so teaching them goes really slow. They ask some interesting questions and a lot are just questions that you have to rely on faith with, so we are praying for them and they will be baptized.
Ben Beck left on his mission to Tempe Arizona last wednesday. Man this kid was a stud, he went out to teach with us all the time. We got really close so it was hard to see him go, I started to cry a little haha! But he will be a solid missionary, he knows what he is doing and has an amazing testimony! I am going to room with him when I get back because he is going to BYU!
We are teaching a lady in Hawaii Kai who has had missionaries teach her forever and she just has a problem smoking, we are going to give her the 15 step stop smoking program. This program was put together by a missionary and really works! It is nuts, if they put effort into it and want to quit, they will quit. It only takes 2 weeks. So if any of you yahoos have picked up the habit of smoking, let me know and I can help you out haha!

We finally got to go golfing yesterday! Man it was so solid, good fun! I miss swingin the clubs brah! Freak out, I shot a 46 which was horrible, but my swing isn't completely gone so I am happy about that. I started out par par par and than went down hill from there, it was a pretty tough course. We had fun tho!

Other than that, we are just working hard! We tracted into a guy and did service for him so that was cool! Tracting is long and dreadful but the Lord blesses you in other ways as you do it, so we do it! The same goes for all of you, as you dont want to do things that may seem silly and pointless, just do them! The Lord will bless you in other ways as you keep his commandments!
Here is you quote for the week, Uncle B**** shared this with me and I loved it so I thought I would share the joy. This comes from Duet. 1-2: go read it, it is a great scripture! As we hearken unto the voice of the Lord, keep the commandments, do everything he asks, his blessings will come upon us and overtake us! We will be place high above all nations!!!
I know this is true yall, do the things our Heavenly Father asks and you will be blessed! God Speed, Love you all!
Elder Garritson

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