Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alooooooooooooooha!-Sept. 4, 2010

Word up ya'll! Boy another week down and this one was a solid one! Hope all is well back in the 801. I bet its starting to get cold there. Same as here, we are staying in the 70's now so its pretty brutal haha! The trade winds are blowing hard, the sun is not beating so hard, its much more enjoyable especially when we are out walking!

So this week as far as work was pretty slow, however K*** is getting baptized this Saturday! She is 8 years old, so technically its not our baptism but I still count it as ours because if we didn't start teaching her she would not have come to church and would not be getting baptized! She is an amazing girl that just wants to be like Jesus! Its really special. Her brother D**** is coming along, we had a super spiritual lesson with him last week Tuesday and helped him to figure out how he could get answers he wanted. I pray for him each night. A**** did watch conference on Sunday so I hope she could feel the Spirit the brethren brought. We should see her next Sunday. C*** is coming along, slowly. She needs to read and pray about the book of mormon and then all will be well. As far as that goes, that is all that is going on with investigators.

This Friday we had Zone Conference and it was super solid! It was focused solely on the Book of Mormon and how getting an answer the Book of Mormon is true means the rest of the church is true. The Book of Mormon is the "universal concern resolver" according to President Dalton (and Preach My Gospel) and its true. BOM is true, our church is true. I love the Book of Mormon!

So I want to share a couple things with you from conference this weekend, some of my favorite points and things that were talked about. It was an amazing conference, especially priesthood session! Anyone that wasn't able to watch priesthood, WATCH IT! It was simply amazing. One of the favorite talks was by Patrick Kearon of the Seventy! He gave an amazing talk, my favorite part was when he said "bury you weapons of rebellion like the Antinephilehis did in Alma 22." The day before, President Dalton gave us the exact same advice! Its true, we need to bury our weapons of rebellion and become saints thru the Atonement of Jesus Christ! This is amazing doctrine my friends, do it!

"If you serve, life is good" -President Dalton

"We become what we want by consistently being what we want to become" -Elder Scott. This is one of my favorite quotes of all of conference. This is a deep quote but its so true. Be an example to everyone and we will become a hand in the Lords work.
"You get what you pay for" -Elder Scott. Here he was talking about keeping the commandments, doing what God wants, etc.

"Do missionary work" -Me Russell M. Nelson gave a talk in Priesthood session about being member missionaries and it was SOLID! Everyone needs to be a missionary in some way or another. If you aren't, I will hunt you down! "You could be the only one to open the door to their salvation" -Elder Nelson

"Not one person has thrown away their last chance" -Patrick Kearon. I LOVE this one!

Priesthood line and personal line by Elder Oaks was an amazing talk. We can't function without BOTH of them. Go listen to it!

And finally, I have to throw in some politics. This was a talk by President Packer. "There is no reason to vote against Gods law. It would be silly to vote on gravity." This goes hand in hand with his other laws, such as legalizing drugs and legalizing abortions. I HOPE HARRY REED WAS WATCHING THIS SESSION!!!!!

Love you all, keep the letters coming!
Elder Garritson

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