Monday, November 21, 2011

November 14, 2011

Well this week has been a good week for us! All the craziness finally
ended on Wednesday with all the missionaries going home and what not.
It has been a wild transfer, Satan was trying to work us hard core!
But it is all good now. It was nice to be able to get
back into our area and do some work. I love missionary work, there is
always something new that you never expect!

Glad to hear everyone back home is doing well.  Man I wish I was going to the UH game, I
asked President but Hawaii fans are pretty nuts and he said it would be a really bad environment for us, he didn't even consider it.

Tell Grandma Hampton and Grandma and Grandpa Harding hi for me and that I love them. I wish I
could write people but there is just no time. I haven't written anyone
for over a year. Once I got into leadership time just ran out, and
especially as an assistant I just can't do it. I hope people don't
take it personally, I really wish I could but if I wrote letters
that's all my P days would be.  Just whenever
you see friends tell them I love them and am thinking about them even
if I don't write them! 

I am so happy for Christi! That is so crazy!
Did she say if she will be in the visitors center or not? I am not
sure how that works with VC sisters. Because most our sisters are VC
but we have like 12 that are strictly full proselyting like the
elders. She is going to do so well.  She will fit in perfect here,
that is so cool I am so proud of her. A lot of my friends that are girls
are going on missions! Marci, Christi, Daisha is planning on going
too! Really cool stuff. If you ever talk to Daisha tell her I say hi,
I haven't talked to her forever either and I feel bad. Send everyone
my love!

So here is the crazy story of the week for you guys! We get a text
referral saying this guy wants a bible. So we call him on Friday and
he says oh yeah come over tomorrow morning at 1030, we will drink soda
and you guys can share what you have. So we are like shoots! We go
over there and right when we walk in it just doesn't feel right. I
mean the house is nice and everything, but you could just tell. Well
we sit down and Elder Stelter and I are across from one another and he
is on the side of us. He said yeah I know that it's either the Latter
Day Saints are right or its the Catholics, so I am just trying to make
my decision. Just acting all golden. But you can't say
anything just in case he is being serious so we teach him and it was a
good lesson, just bore powerful testimony. He kept asking stupid
questions and what not and then when we got done he is like "you guys
hungry?", and orders a pizza. So now we are stuck! He said okay, now I
want to share. He goes and grabs an easel and he has a whiteboard and then like 6
tri fold poster boards with all this stuff about the Catholic Church
and how it's true! It was comical really, he was bringing up the
dumbest things. He was way smart though. He went on for like 2 hours and
then at the end he gave us all these pieces of paper and he wrote our names on them and then says"so are you guys coming back, or do ya gotta kinda "strategize" what you are going to do next time?" We
just shook our head and said probably not. And he said "well I just
hope that you'll pray and ask God if what I said is true", and I just
said and you do likewise. It was a joke, he has
to order a bible, and then act all interested and try to prove us
wrong. It was just a testimony of the importance of the spirit to me,
because there was no spirit and even though he was super smart, it meant
nothing. He didn't promise us one blessing whatsoever, just a waste of our time.

 Needless to say, I won't be joining the Catholic Church
anytime soon! Haha the stories of the mission!!!

I love you guys! Thanks so much for everything!

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