Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aloha!! November 21, 2011

So, I think I am behind a week!  That would be life right now.  It was meant to be because I do believe Jordan is in the middle of zone conferences. or something!--we did not hear from him today, so I will post last week's letter and a little clip I found from a few months ago!  I just love to hear him talking! This was a time he was on Molokai with Elder Street and the elders serving on Molokai.  

Well another week down and it has flown by as usual! We are doing a
lot of preparing for the upcoming Christmas Zone Conference, which is
going to be awesome. We are super excited for it. President and Sister
Dalton are coming out with a new study program for this mission which
is sweet! It's called Mana and it will get you through basically all
the Standard Works and the entire missionary library, PMG, and an
Atonement Packet that our mission puts out each year. It will be nice
and give a lot of direction in study. Very inspired decision by them!
We will be watching the movie "17 Miracles" as well which should be a
good one. I can't wait, Christmas Zone Conference is the best!

So this Saturday was super cool! We went to a couple baptisms and one
was for a girl whose family are not members but she had a lot of
friends that are members. She went away to college and realized how
blessed she was living around friends in the Gospel. She started
getting taught by the missionaries and was baptized super quick! She
bore a really powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and
how she knew it was true. Her entire family was there and I think they
really enjoyed it. It was one of the biggest baptisms I have ever
seen, so many people there!

Right after that was the baptism of a young 12 year old boy. I don't
know his story too much but I know that his family aren't members
either. He met a couple friends at school and they started inviting
him to scouting activities, mutual, etc. He was welcomed with tons of
love and started coming to church. He wanted to be baptized and his
family felt okay with it. He had some family there and the coolest
part was when he actually got baptized. When he came up out of the
water I have never seen a bigger smile on a kid's face! He just looked
at everyone with a huge smile and just sat there for a little bit. You
couldn't help but smiling as you looked at him! That was the highlight
of my week, everything bad was gone after I watched that kid
get baptized. Very cool Saturday, I love going to baptisms!

We are teaching a man right now that is working his way to the temple.
He is the best guy in the world and since we have started teaching him
you can see a distinct change in him. He is a lot happier and just has
hope in his eyes. It's so cool to see that, it is something that you
can immediately recognize! He set goals with the Bishop and is well on
his way to going through the temple and being sealed with his wife!
Awesome guy, I love him so much! The mission has the best experiences

So as far as the mission is concerned it is doing well! We have
unfortunately lost quite of few elders the past couple weeks due to a
number of circumstances. That naturally hurts and kind of hinders the
work but as in the words of our President "I will never let Satan
win." We had 17 baptisms this last weekend which is pretty good, a
little above average. We are probably going to be around 60 for this
month and then we will head in "White Christmas" December and shoot
for Vision 100 once again. The work is really progressing out here!
Thanks for everything, I love you all! Have a great week!

Love to you all!
Elder G. 

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