Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ALOHA!!! November 29, 2011

This week has been a good week, a lot of preparation
for the upcoming zone conferences and a lot of eating!

So for Zone Conferences (the first one was today and we have more all
this week and next) we developed a new personal study program for the
missionaries to guide their studies, it's friggin sweet! It was
actually developed a year ago and Elder Stelter and I have put the
finishing touches on it. It has us read all the standard works, PMG,
and all the missionary library. It's been very time consuming for us
tho because we have had to cut and bind them all. Also we made a
baptism DVD for this year and it is sweet! It has so many good
pictures and is very spiritual. So needless to say that is what we
have been doing this week, it's been a great learning process and
pretty fun actually, learning a lot of different skills!

Thanksgiving was solid! First off we had the Turkey Bowl with our ward
and Hawaii Kai ward (my second area) so it was fun playing with all of
them. Little did they know Elder G can play a little QB! Ha it was
super fun, President came out and just had a good morning. Than we had
2 dinners and it was outrageous how much food there was. The first
house we ate at had a ham, 2 turkeys and a pig! Unreal it was so good.
We get taken care of so well out here. I love these members and people
in Hawaii. Nicest people in the World.

So other than we just geared up for zone conference. Had the first on
Kauai today and it was the best one I have ever been a part of.
Goodnight, I was crying the whole time. Focused completely on the
Savior, there were so many good talks and trainings. We watched that
new movie, The17 Miracles, about the pioneer handcart company, that is one
I want to give out to people and say this is why I am out here because
of what they went through. If you haven't seen it, you better watch it,
unreal! But anywho, I am just rambling.

 All is well in Zion, life is
good, I am loving the mission and everything about it. Love you guys!
Elder G

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