Monday, November 7, 2011

ALOHA!! November 7, 2011

Boy well time sure does fly by! Sounds like everyone back home is
doing very well. The young men that were just barely priests when I
was there are now getting ready or have already left on their
missions. That's good. Sad to hear about Sister Pehrson in the ward
but it's good to know that the ward can fast like that for someone. We
have a really good ward back home. I still remember like yesterday
when we fasted for Dale Hull and all the miracles that proceeded from
the fast and faith of everyone. That's what the church is all about.

Snow back home huh? That's too bad really. The weather out here is
perfect, it's not too hot and definitely not too cold. The trade winds
are picking up and so we get a nice little breeze every single day. A
nice little sprinkle here and there, it's nothing really to complain
about. However, I sure do miss the seasons. I miss seeing snow and
believe it or not I kind of miss being cold. I probably won't be
saying that when I come home!

The mission is doing really well at this time. Last month we hit 103
total baptisms for the month of October which was stellar. The mission
is reaching new heights that it has never reached. If you remember
back to May the push to get "vision 100", 100 baptisms in that month
was a huge start to a good year for us. We were able to hit 100 right
on the money that month and it just proceeded on from there. In July
we once again hit a phenomenal number of 105 total baptisms, and then
here again in October we hit 103. Vision 100 three times in the past
six months is something that has never been done before in this
mission so we are pleased! It's awesome and we will finish these last
2 months very strong and see many miracles!

On Saturday Mele got baptized! She is amazing! Mele was a referral we
received from a member about 3 weeks ago. She has been living with her
Aunty who is in our ward. Mele started taking the lessons and was
loving it. She loves learning about Christ and what we taught just
added more on to her faith. Every lesson she would always thank us so
many times for teaching her things she never knew about Jesus Christ.
She thanked us for helping her testimony grow. She basically committed
herself to baptism and was ready to be baptized from day one! I love
Mele, she has made a lasting impact in my life and will be someone I never
forget. Sincere, humble, loving personality. She is from American
Samoa and is Tongan. The Polynesian people are the best, so blessed to
be serving here around them!

Transfers were good this week, everyone got to where they needed to be
and for the most part it all went smoothly. We are stoked for this
upcoming transfer, Christmas Zone Conference and a lot of good things
planned. Elder Stelter and I are together again and are super happy
about that! He is the man and has taught me a lot. We will do work
these next 2 months. Hope all is well back home, don't die in the

Love you all!
Elder G.

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