Monday, October 31, 2011

October 25, 2011

Whats up, this week has been pretty crazy and really good. Not too
much happened as far as our area because we were off island for most
the week. We were over on Maui this week and wow was it good to be
there. I love that place. I was on exchanges over in Kihei for one of
the days and it was fun to see the places we were when we were over
there last May. I saw the hotel we stayed in, the outback we ate at,
some of the courses Ryan and I played at, amazing! That's a really
special place, I would die to serve over there even though it probably
wont happen. The elders over there are amazing. Young guns, but taught
me so much. Our mission is really young now, a lot of the older ones
have gone home and so it's kinda weird being the oldest. I never
noticed how much missionaries look up to you, but honestly it is like
the other way around for me. I see all these missionaries come out
reading the Book of Mormon 5 or 6 times, gone through Preach My Gospel
already and they are just solid. Some amazing people are in this
world, and our mission gets a lot of the greats. I see so many future
leaders of the church.

For us, we have a baptism this weekend on Saturday. I cannot wait,
this is for a 17 year old kid who is solid as heck. He will serve a
mission guaranteed, he will be a great man in the kingdom of God. His
name is Pakela and got introduced to the church going to a baptism of
one of his friends. So as we can conclude, take your friends to
baptisms, its solid.

 But I am just rambling on. All is well. We started transfer plan yesterday which I cannot believe, it is going by so quick. It's a good process, a long one but a very revelatory and learning time. I love it. I love you guys, the work is moving forward, and your prayers are much appreciated! Thanks for everything.

 Love ya!
Elder G.

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