Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ALOOOOHA!!!! October 17, 2011

This week was the best week ever. The Jays got sealed on Friday and Elder Stelter and I were able to go and be a part of it! What a wonderful experience that was. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of that because I know that doesn't happen very often. They are the most solid people in the world. They were so excited to go through and receive their eternal blessings, and they did so well. Amazing how that works, after the sealing they both gave me a big old hug and said "look what you started!" It was awesome to hear that, tears filled my eyes and I knew that nothing else in the world matters but the Gospel. We can do whatever in the world we want, but the most important thing in life is our family and the gospel. They have just started their forever family with forever happiness because of missionary work. The scriptures talk about how God will use the weak things of the world to bring forth his righteous purposes and that definitely rings true with missionary work! I mean, think about it, I was a 20 year old kid teaching a 75 year old man who knows the Bible like the back of his hand, but his heart was so open to the truth, and with the Spirit they entered into the first covenant of baptism and the final covenant of marriage in the Temple on Friday. I couldn't think of anything better that I could be doing or be a part of. I sat in the sealing room with a smile ear to ear because I knew that they are doing what the Lord wants them to. I now know what I want in my life, and that is the Gospel and the Temple. It's so true, I cannot deny it. I know that as clearly as the night is different from day. Friday October 14th will be a day I remember for a very long time and will be a day I will never forget. I love the Jay's so much, they changed my entire life and I thank them so much for being my second parents out here!

We had a couple lessons with the boy that is getting baptized on the 29th, he is solid as ever. Other than the Jays, I have never met anyone in my life so prepared to receive the Gospel. He just wanted to change his life, he came to a baptism and is now one of the smartest kids I know. He is going to make a super solid missionary. He has the strongest testimony, reads and prays everyday and loves the Gospel. I am shocked every time we teach him because it is like he is teaching me. It's been awesome seeing him come along so far.

We started doing insanity in the mornings and it is kicking my butt! Holy cats I don't know how many of you have done that but it is dang hard. My legs have been hurting for the past week straight, I have never jumped so much in my life! I cannot believe that I still can do it every morning. It's fun tho.

The mission is tight, we are looking good for 115 baptisms this month! We have over 50 with a date scheduled for the last weekend of October, it is going to be nuts. Satan is working super hard to stop things from progressing but with faith, prays and diligence everything is going to work out. I have never seen so much excitement in the mission for this goal that we have set. Hitting 115 this month is going to get us started off on a good path for the upcoming months of November and December and the year of January. Pray for the missionary work to progress, we had a meeting with Elder Whiting this week, the area Seventy for Hawaii. He talked about the harder Satan works, the harder we have to work. We have to be more diligent, more obedient, we can't just fill our calling we need to magnify our calling because Satan is at it full force ahead! We can't sit and putt around at the bottom of a hill and expect to get to the top. If we sit and mess around at the bottom, yes we will fulfill our calling, but we won't magnify it. To get to places we have never been, we must do things we have never done!

The work is moving forward brothers and sisters, the Gospel is true, God lives, Jesus is the Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church on the earth today. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love you all,

Elder G.

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