Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ALOHA! January 17, 2011

Well the storm in Hawaii came and went and it made a big impact on Wednesday. It rained all day long and we ended up getting 4.3 inches of rain (according to the famous weather man Mark Eubank who is a missionary here in Hawaii!) The reason I tell you this is Elder Tuih and I had an awesome experience on Wednesday night as it was pouring rain. It was like 8 PM and we decided no one would want to listen to us right now with all this rain so we went and got into our P day clothes to look for some service. We drove all the way up until 9 with no success. We had one more street to go, and we almost just bagged it and went to our pad, but we decided to go to the street. As we were driving we saw a guy running with a shovel. We pulled over and followed him. The sand under the bridge had to be cleared so the river could flow into the ocean or else the river was going to take all the houses. So, we hopped onto the beach and dug sand for at least an hour! We finally got all the sand cleared and the water finally broke thru into the ocean! Man it was so cool we saved so many houses! Everyone was so surprised the Elders were there helping because 1, we can't be on the beach and 2, it was like 1030 before we got in that night. It was definitely one of the coolest times on my mission. Knowing that we followed the Spirit and went to that one street, we saved a ton of houses! Good Stuff!

Other than that there hasn't been too much happening up here. We are working with 3 families and 1 girl on getting them active. One of the girls we are working with is completely active now! Its such a blessing to see this work change peoples lives! It really strengthens my testimony seeing these people make changes! We have a lot of potential on the horizon, we just have to go out and find these people! Nothing else has really happened this week! Thanks for everything,

Elder Garritson
I love you all!

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  1. That is awesome! God put you where he needed you to be.