Monday, November 1, 2010

Email from Monday October 15, 2010

Ok, so I got a little behind by about a week! Oh well, enjoy this one today, read today's letter tomorrow!

Well another week down and the weather here is really cooling down for us! The swells are coming in and we are hitting the surf hard! This is the best time of the year, we have a mean time out on the waves! Unfortunately, ya'll are having problems with the snow, too bad!!

So this week was a pretty hectic week for me! Man whitewashing into an area is not the funnest thing to do in an area. We have no one to teach right now so we are just really hitting the members up hard, trying to get referrals. We are in the Hawaii Kai area, right next door to Kahala. The Ward Mission Leader and Bishop are helping us out, so hopefully in a couple weeks we should be finding some new investigators. We found one on Saturday who is 14 years old, she has been taught before by missionaries. She is going to be baptized brah, her name is K****, I cannot wait! We also had contact with L**** again (the lady we met at the party). Her and her husband are super chill to us, they love us, but not quite ready to change. Well, I guess I should say the husband isn't. He is very interested in the BOM. We are trying to encourage him to read it and pray about it. We are going to teach him stories about it, read from it with him and hopefully he will recognize the Spirit talking to him. We will see though, anything can happen if you have enough faith!

I got a new companion fresh out of the MTC. His name is Elder Taylor from Arizona. This kid is a STUD!! Hard worker and hit the ground running, he is very teachable and knows what his purpose is! I am very blessed to be serving with him!

I have really been learning to trust in the Lord the past couple weeks, especially this week. I felt a lot of pressure this week when I got called to these things but I knew it was a calling from the Lord. He has really blessed me and helped me out to do the things that I need to. Its all the Spirit man! Its amazing how well it works when you just listen to what it has to tell you. We did some amazing things this week I don't think would have ever happened without the Spirit. Live worthy of the Spirit, listen to what it has to say, it will never lead you astray! (yeah I rhyme brah!)

Sunday was a solid day of church, it was the primary program! These little children are so special, I love the primary program so much! One little girl, about 5 years old got up and sang a solo without any fear and she did so well! I was amazed, it was super spiritual. They all having amazing testimonies. Simple but yet so powerful. We would all do well to follow in their footsteps. Just like we have been taught, "humble yourself and become as a little child through the Atonement of Jesus Christ..." That is my message today. Be an example to these kids, but more importantly, learn from their examples. They will teach us a lot of we listen to what they have to say and feel their Spirit. Hope everyone has a great week, stay safe with all the snow! Love you all!
Elder Garritson

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