Monday, November 1, 2010

HOWZIT!--November 1, 2010

Aloha one and all! How are my favorite people back in the 801 doing? I don't really know why I ask that because I don't get a response, but you have to start out an email like that or it is just worthless. So I heard it has been pretty cold there, too bad. Halloween here was... pretty lame actually. We had to be in by 5 on Saturday and Sunday so we just kinda chilled and I caught up on some much needed sleep! White washing into a new area is hard work, but its enjoyable! We went to a members house Sunday night, and there wasn't one trick or treater all night, pretty lame out here in Hawaii. For some reason, their favorite holiday is New Years, New Years is NUTS over here from what I have been told! I guess we will see, this is the last year for fireworks.

So anywho, about the work. We are doing a lot of finding, and not really finding haha! We actually did find one new girl named K**** who is a former investigator from when the sisters were in this ward. She is 15 and is a pretty solid girl. She lives with her dad and I feel like her getting baptized would help their relationship. The only problem is her mom doesn't really want her to get baptized again, so its tough to work around that. She is super cool and has a great testimony about what she needs to do already. Things will come around for her, I know it.
We found a new investigator who lives at the care home here (I was at the care home looking for a place for my parents). His name is H**** and he is a great guy! He has been taught before and was ready to be baptized but his sister wouldn't let him go thru with it. He already accepted to be baptized so we will see if this can go anywhere. I love teaching people at the care home, they are SO FUNNY! They have no one to talk to so they just talk to you for hours on end about nothing at all! Its pretty great, my companion struggles to stay awake haha but I love it!

We had an amazing Sunday in which we found another new investigator. Her name is K*** and she went to the temple open house and loved it. She said she felt like she needed to do something for her dead brother in the temple. She keeps on getting that spiritual impression so we are going to start teaching her in a couple of weeks. She is super busy, and lives with an excommunicated member (who wants to come back into church, so this is not a bad situation. Had it not been for the excommunicated member, K**** would have never come in contact with the church). Work is coming, we are working very hard with the ward to get them on their member missionary work!

So things over here are pretty solid. We live in a 4 man pad and my previous companion Elder Smith lives with me. He stayed in my old area Kahala and I went to Hawaii Kai. We both are training so its a lot of fun! Our pad is rockin! Elections are Tuesday and its kinda scary for Hawaii because they are going to vote in a man who has some whack ideas, so we will see how that pans out with everything! I got a good picture for all of ya'll! We had an interesting time tracting this week, we ran into some very rude people, and of course my pride took over. I can't believe some people, don't EVER be mean to missionaries of any church, I don't care who you are. If you do, I will hunt you down and hurt you (haha!).

We have a HUGE training this week with all the missionaries on Oahu from 8-3 Tues-Thurs so it is going to be very good. They came out with new teaching principles, so it is going to be a good thing! Things are coming along, just gotta trust in the Lord! My thought for this week comes from 1 Nephi 15:24. the first part of this verse gives us an AMAZING promise! Go check it out, this is an amazing scripture! The church is true, the book is blue and Joseph Smith is the man! Love you all!
Elder Garritson

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