Monday, October 18, 2010

ALOOOOOOOOHA! Oct. 18, 2010

Well another week down, transfers came and I am outta of Kahala. I have mixed emotions about it, I love the members there and stuff so I will miss that. I got close to a lot of people and love them so much. I will let you know where I am going next week, but I know I will be training a new missionary and become a district leader! Its going to be a big learning experience and I am going to have to trust in the Lord a lot! I am very excited!

So as far as things for this week, nothing too special happened. I had a good day with a new missionary that came in from the Marshall Islands on Friday. President had me take him out on his first day so that was really fun showing him the ropes! I took him to all the funny old people that we teach (my parents in 10 years) that are out of their minds but have amazing testimonies, he loved it! He is going to do so well, I learned a little marshallese myself! Haha missionary work is definitely interesting!

So last week Monday was an interesting P day. We went to a Buddist Temple, that was crazy! I have never been to one before but it was a cool place. Very interesting all the statues of budha they have. Some guy came and talked to us but we had no idea what he was saying, he was a pretty crazy man! I had a good time though.

So we hit the roads pretty hard and this week was more successful than last week. We havent found any new investigators, but it seems like while we tract people are much nicer. I was on exchanges with Elder Street and a dog barked at us and he was ready to jump on a car he was so scared!! I guess he got bit a lot on Big Island and didn't want that to happen again. I saw the dog so it didn't make me jump, but I was laughing so hard at him! I am gonna miss my district leader Elder Street, he is leaving our area. He taught me a lot about trusting in the Lord!

Haha so on Wednesday Brother and Sister Jay talked at a meeting where missionaries bring their investigators. They just talked about their conversion and how it came about. It was a very special day and they touched a lot of people, the spirit was so strong! Man he kept telling president during his talk that after my mission here I need to go on a 2 year mission to Peru (why Peru, I don't remember, but something about how I could make the LDS population from 5% to 15%). It was hilarious and it was very special to hear him talk about me that way. I am going to miss these folks so much, I love them! I can't wait to come back and introduce them to you! On Sunday the youth sang my favorite song, As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth Medley that was sung at my farewell, it brought back a lot of memories and I was crying by the end. It was a solid day!

Well thats about all I have. My thought for the week comes from Elder Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session (I think) when he was talking about the coach Vince Lombardi. He talked about getting back to the basics. We need to master the fundamentals of the Gospel! Get back to the basics of praying, reading and going to the church. If you do all these things, I promise you all you lives with be blessed beyond belief and your testimony in our Savior Jesus Christ will be stregthened daily.

Love you all! Keep writing me!
Ofa atu. Elder Garritson

(I have to add a short email Jordan sent to me--he was made a District Leader and a trainer and is quite excited!)
I am transfering over to Hawaii Kai (the area next to Kahala, they haven't had missionaries for 4 months so we are white washing that area). I will also be training a new missionary, and become a district leader. A lot president threw on me but I am stoked!

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