Sunday, November 21, 2010

ALOOOOOOOOOOHA!!!! November 15, 2010

Aloha my beloved brothers and sisters in the beautiful state of Utah!

Hope all is well with you folks and you are doing well, Hawaii is solid and the temperature is nice (relatively) but it is super raining which kinda sucks to be honest! But I shouldn't complain, no snow on the roads and that is a pure blessing!

This week not too much happened, just hit the pavement trying to find, teach and baptize nations! This week we were able to have a lesson with L***, and her husband wasn't there! (Her husband is the one that is holding her back from being baptized) .We got her a BOM in Spanish so she could understand everything and she was so STOKED! She could not believe it and said "this is the greatest gift you guys could give me because its in Spanish." Ironic eh, because it really is the greatest gift we could give her, whether in Spanish or not! She committed to reading it so we will see what happens with that, her husband (well actually boyfriend) is not interested at all, although he does love when we come over. Thats okay tho, MIRACLES HAPPEN and L*** is going to be one of those!!

Wednesday we got to go to Pearl Harbor again and do some service on the USS Missouri! That was so tight! That ship is amazing and we don't really even do that much service when we go, we just check out the ship and do little housekeeping (I guess boat keeping) stuff. Small kine stuff but its still solid!

We had a good lesson with H**** on Friday, he is coming along slowly but surely. He has a great testimony and knows being baptized will give him a better life, he just learns very slowly so we have to teach principles a lot. He will be baptized if his sister doesn't stop it again! Pray for her heart to be softened!

So each Sunday we get to do Sacrament at the Care Home (I am getting "in" with the owners there so my parents have a place in 10 years!) and its so fun! These people are NUTS! They have no idea whats going on, they just sing randomly, clap during the sacrament hymn, its a riot! But even tho this stuff still happens, its so spiritual and they feel it! I love old people haha!
So thats about all I got for this week!

All is going well, nothing to exciting here in Hawaii. My companion is solid, very good elder and knows what his purpose is. He keeps my faith strong and we work hard! Elder Smith and I (my last companion) still live in the same pad so we have a lot of fun (maybe too much fun?) but still work hard. Missionary work is the greatest thing that you can do! Things aren't easy, its probably the hardest and most stressful thing you will do! But as long as you stay focused and work hard, it WILL be the most rewarding experience you will have thus far in your life! Let the Holy Spirit guide ya'll, until next time, Love you all!

PS I need some letters!!!!!!!!!, gotta give a shout out to Brooke and Daisha, they consistently writing! I will write back I promise!

Ofa atu
Elder Garritson

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