Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ALOOOOHA! Oct. 11, 2010

(Thanks Sis. Smith for the pics!)
Boy another week down and we have some solid things coming up! Not really but we are teeing off in about 2 hours at Waialae Country Club so I am pretty stoked right now! Boy probably can't golf there in that cold weather, too bad! Its cooling down here and its getting really nice, tracting isn't so hot anymore, thank goodness!

So this week was kinda weird. It was super slow in which we have basically lost contact with all of our investigators. C*** is not coming to church, always working, won't answer calls. Its kinda sad but oh well, such is misisonary work! We just continue to pray for her and hope she comes around! Also A**** is gone, we haven't seen her in 3 weeks. Unfortunately thats how things go, but we do all we can and continually pray for strength and pray our investigators will recieve strength.

Saturday was an AMAZING day though! We were able to see K*** be baptized! Man this girl is so awesome! The baptism was so great and she was so excited to be baptized into the church. Her testimony is so strong and all she wants to do is follow Jesus Christ. I have a way cute picture with her after her baptism I will send home. She was so excited to get all her lei's after the baptism. We are hoping and praying this has an influence on her brother who is really having a problem finding God and knowing what is true.

So Saturday night was a very cool experience for me. So I don't know if ya'll know, but Kahala ward is the deaf ward for the entire island of Oahu. So we have all the deaf members and investigators. Usually we go to the lessons with an interpreter but sometimes it's a long ways away. Well, we have this one investigator that fell off the map and NO ONE had heard from her in about 2 months, everyone thought she had moved. So we were in her area to see someone else so I told Elder Smith that we would go see her but she probably wouldn't be home. Well it turns out she was and we had NO INTERPRETER! I was super nervous when she came to the door because she invited us right in. But this is where my testimony on the gift of tongues came in (yes it works for signing too!!!) I just started having a conversation with her in sign, a slower one where I had to ask her how to sign some words, but it was super cool! Man I owe all the credit to the Holy Ghost on that one, I have never had a 20 minute conversation with a deaf person before. Gotta love being a missionary!

So that is all for this week, I forgot to get a quote for this week so here is what is on my mind right now: "Come what may, & Love It" a solid talk by Elder Wirthlin! He tells us to do our best, put our trust in the Lord, and then come what may and love it. Learn to laugh, it helps us get thru the hard times. I testify to you all that this is true, we get thru the hard times to learn, grow, and enjoy the good ones!

Keep the letters coming! Love you all!
Elder Garritson

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