Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ALOHA! April 18, 2011

Boy things out here are going solid as ever! We are seeing the whales jumping all over the place and on April 30th we get to participate in Mormon Helping Hands and do some work on the beach. It's blazing hot over here in Makakilo, we don't get any trade winds so its pretty bad, but thats okay. Nothing will stop the work from progressing!

So this past Sunday was a crazy long but good one. I got my first taste of what it is like to be in meetings all day long. We had church and meetings starting at 7 and went until 5. It was pretty crazy.

Tracting is our bread and butter out here in Makakilo and I am loving it. It is pretty different from my previous 2 areas because in Hauula we didn't tract and then in Kahala and Hawaii Kai we tracted everyday but nothing came from it. Over here it is the complete opposite. Everyone we are working with right now has come from tracting. We have 1 girl with a date hopefully sometime in May and than we should get another one this week for May as well. The island people are super humble.

So other than that work continues to move on the same old same old. In sacrament meeting we learned a lot about being slow to anger and that really taught me a lesson today. I was ready to rip some rude person, but instead I walked away! Be proud of Elder G on that one!

Love you all!
Elder G

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