Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, I "stole" a couple of pics from Elder Smith's blog! This is Jordan and Elder Smith (the two in the middle). Not sure of the two bookends! (Elder Smith let me know who is who! So, from left to right--Elders Taylor, Smith, Garritson, Davis!)
Elder S. came home for a "short intermission" to have his tonsils removed. We are praying for his quick return to Hawaii to finish the last year of his mission. They will be great friends forever! The other picture is a great "Hawaii" picture--what I think of when I think of Hawaii! That, and I now ALWAYS think of Jordan, and Elder Smith, and all the great missionaries serving with my son!


  1. I love the Hawaiian sunsets!! :) The picture with all the Elder is (in order) Elder Major (who was my trainer, and is now Elder Garritsons Zone Leader in Laie), than of course me, Elder G, and Elder Davis who I just trained last transfer :)
    And you are right, we'll be best friends forever!! Just get him to transfer up to USU :)

  2. I don't know why it didn't post my comment earlier but here it is again! It's not stealing if it's freely given, lol!! Help yourself. I'll try to label any from now on with the names of the elders if I know them. Travis is healing well but we still don't know when he'll be going back. He sees the doctor next Wed. and we should get a definitive answer then. I did get a message back from his nurse that he said he wouldn't fight with a mission president, lol! I think that means he'll release him by the 20th so he can fly back. Of course, I have mixed feelings about that but I know the Lord will take good care of him as he completes his healing and it will put him back where he should be for Christmas. I'm so glad the Lord put these two together so they could be friends! I'm sure their paths will cross again out in the field too at one time or another.