Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ALOOOOOOHA!!!! November 29, 2010

Howzit my friends! Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and even a better black friday! (This was the first time I didn't go shopping on black friday in like 5 years, it was kinda depressing!) Things here in Hawaii were solid. We had lunch and dinner for Thanksgiving and just chilled at one of our members houses. We ate so much it was ridiculous! We just cruised and had a good time!

Not too much went down this week. H**** is still coming along, his daughter is trying to put a stop to things but he knows bishop well so I think that will help him to make the right decision! He came to church this week and loved it!

On Wednesday we were walking in a shopping center to go meet the member who was feeding us dinner and guess who we saw!? None other than the REGGIE MILLER! He is one tall dude, but he didn't give me a very good look! I was going to give him a pass along card but I was not in the mood to get rocked that night! It was still awesome to see him.

We go to the care home every Sunday and give sacrament and it is always so special. This week we talked about things we are thankful for and all these old grannies told us they are thankful for us and all we do. It was awesome to hear them say that, it made me feel really good! Than I was wearing an awesome tie, and I looked GOOD (I mean I always look good thats no suprise) and one of the ladies there was like I bet you have an awesome girlfriend back home waiting for you! Haha it was just funny to here a 90 year old lady say that!

Thats about all that went down this week, everyone was gone for Thanksgiving so nothing too special happened this week. Sunday night we got transfer calls and I am leaving Hawaii Kai. It is a bitter sweet feeling. I am happy to get outta Honolulu and see different parts of the island, but I am going to miss a lot of people that I have built awesome relationships with!

This work is so amazing! I have made so many friends from all walks of life that have taught me so much and I will always remember. I am not sure where I will be going but I will be staying on Oahu. Thanks for everything ya'll, stay safe and good luck with finals coming up.

Elder Garritson

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