Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Email for July 5, 2010


Hello from the great state of Hawaii where the sun is always shinning and it never gets above 85 degrees! Haha I'm just kidding I miss Utah as much as I love Hawaii, each place has its ups and downs. Be grateful to live in such a great state, we really don't come to appreciate Utah until we move out of it. It is so humid here and you just sweat all day long! Right when you step out of the shower you are sweating again, and no AC so that is just awesome haha its good though thats missionary work.
So this week has been kinda a rough one. Tuesday I had my first (and last) zone conference with President Petersen. Boy it was very touching and its very hard for them to leave the islands. They have come to love the people so much its amazing! I have only known them for a couple weeks and I was crying when we started to sing God Be With You! That song is a killer I cry everytime I hear that one or sing it haha. But his talk wasn't a normal zone conference with training and such, he just gave us information that he gives all the elders the night before they leave the mission and go home. So it didn't really pertain to me but it was good! We got to meet the new President Dalton and his wife Saturday and they are awesome! Holy cow they are so nice man, very personable. He just holds you like 2 feet from your face and talks to you like he has all day. I am way excited to be able to work with him for these next two years, he is going to do great things for this mission. I can't wait!

Things in our area are going kinda slow we have yet to find a new investigator since I have been here. Although we have a baptism for Jona and Kiata on Saturday so that is going to be amazing! I am very excited for that. Other than that we are just trying to find new investigators and such, its tough work.

I have really learned to really on the Lord through faith and prayer! Holy cats guys the Lord works in mysterious ways man. I can't tell you how many times out here he has answered my prayers just at the right time in the way I wasn't expecting. Stay close and pray always. You can never pray too much I promise you that, that is something I have learned out here. Have the faith that he will answer you prayers and guide you to what you should do. It doesn't matter what it is, the gospel, sports, friends, pray about everything and he will answer. He wants to listen you just have to put forth that effort.

Time is short but all is well here and I hope you are all doing well. I love hearing from you all in letters so keep writing. I love the members here in Hawaii, the people of Hawaii are amazing guys! The gospel is so true, stay strong!
Until next time, Ofa atu!

Love Elder Garritson

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