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Email Monday July 26, 2010

Thought we'd go surfin' for the 4th of July! haha!


Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 3:14 PM
Howzit all my loved ones from the mainland? Hope all is well with you all! Things here are as good as ever in Hawaii, its blazing hot everyday so I am dying for winter to come so the temperature goes down to the 70's. That will be a pure blessing!

So this week was pretty sweet! I saw a lot of miracles happen, not all were big but the Lord really had his hand in our work this week. The beginning of the week was really slow, we weren't finding anyone and it was really hard to stay positive and focused. But towards the end of the week we started having success and seeing miracles happen through the faith we had!

Friday night we taught Brother and Sister Jay who are the older couple we have taught a couple times. They have been coming to church every week, and they absolutely love it and everything about our church. They are very wise and retain everything we say, so we really have to watch what we say and make sure it isn't wrong haha! But on Friday night we invited them to baptism and they are going to get baptized!! It’s super cool! We just have to get her to stop drinking her coffee but she really understands why and I think she will be able to do it. We will get her on hot chocolate haha! I don't know how anyone can drink coffee here though anyway, it’s so hot!!! But anyway, they have thanked us numerous times for bringing them "into the light". The lessons we have with them are so spiritual and I learn so much about relying on the Lord in teaching. There are people flying in from Utah and maybe a couple other places for their baptism so it is going to be a really special and spiritual experience! I really love these people! The date has not been set yet but I think it will be pretty soon!

We are also teaching a deaf girl name Deborah who loves our church and the Gospel. Her parents are Marshallese and are ministers at that church. They really don't like us at all but Deborah is standing her ground and doing what she wants and coming to church. It’s really special because our ward has people that can sign so she can talk, it’s so good! We teach her tomorrow before Elder Walker leaves and I think we will be able to get a baptismal date set for her, I am really excited for her lesson!

On Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Eteaki! He is a Tongan from Cali who has an amazing and interesting background. He was a gang member his whole life, watched people be killed, did a lot of bad things and hung out with a lot of bad people. He looked at the path he was going and looked down the road and decided that’s not what he wanted so he moved to Utah and changed his entire life and came back into the Gospel. He is like the best missionary in Hawaii, his spirit is so strong and he relays every message perfectly. I learned so much on my exchange with him. We found 2 new investigators while tracting, got one of our investigators in the ward to church, and taught 6 lessons all on Saturday! It was so amazing! Many miracles happened this week and it all came about by our faith in the Lord.

It was a really exciting week! I love hearing from you all, hope all is well back home! Tomorrow is my last day with Elder Walker and then he goes home. So Wednesday I will get a new companion. I will be here in Kahala for at least 6 more weeks so I am really pumped about that, the members are so awesome and things are really picking up! Love you all, keep writing me and I promise to write back. Until next time,

Ofa Atu!
Elder Garritson

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