Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday June 28th, 2010

Boy hows it all going back in the good old 801? I sure do miss that place I am gonna be honest with you guys. Hawaii is a much different place than Utah as you all probably know already haha but I just want to say be grateful for living in such an amazing state. You never really appreciate Utah until you move out of it. Even though I am serving in the richest part of Hawaii, you see so much poverty. Its sad to see. But the members that are pretty well off are so nice and humble, they help out so much and are really there to help anyone. They have the strongest spirits and I have come to love them so much in these past 2 weeks. I hope I get to stay in this area for a little while because I am getting so close to some of the members. I will be here for at least 10 more weeks because my companion will be leaving so I will be staying. So that definitely brings comfort!

So Sunday is awesome I love seeing the members they are all so welcoming. I am definitely having a hard time remembering names and even pronouncing some of them haha but its getting better. Yesterday was President and Sister Petersens last Sunday. Oh man I am pretty bummed they are already leaving and I only got to know them for a couple weeks. They are amazing people and so loving! They live in Draper. They will be leaving here on Friday and our new mission President comes in on Thursday. His name is John Dalton and he was an area 70 before he got this calling. I have heard nothing but great things from him. I can't wait to meet him. And I am way stoked because I will be one of the few missionaries that gets to know him well because the Presidents home is in our area so we see him every Sunday.

This week has been pretty great! Missionary work is hard man. We are in a very tough area too! Its hard to find new investigators here because most people are pretty settled and don't want anything more. Occasionally we find some people that will listen but we haven't found anyone new to teach since I've been here. This has really been a test of my faith because its so discouraging day in and day out as you get denied and doors slammed in your face, but you just have to be humble. Hard work pays off and I know that to be true.

Jona and Kiata are still on for baptism on the 10th so I pray that can keep that date! These kids are amazing and their testimonies are growing so much! I can't wait to experience their baptism. We have taught them a couple times and they really enjoy the lessons. Another lady named Haley finally got back from Turkey and Elder Walker and I are going to baptize her before he leaves on the 27th! She comes to church every week, has great knowledge. She just doesn't want to jump into the church and than find out something about the church she doesn't like. We have a lesson with her tomorrow so we are gonna get her a date set I can feel it!

So here's some pretty crazy Hawaii things. We put our cereal in the freezer haha! Thats keeps the ants and bugs out. Its kinda weird but now its normal to me haha. Everyone here leaves there houses open and unlocked. Its so hot so thats what you have to do. BK you would die because you would lock up all the windows and doors and your Pad would be blazing hot. I thought about that when I first got here and just laughed. Sure do miss you kid hope all is well with work and baseball. We had a dinner friday in a condo 30 stories up looking over the Ocean. Probably the coolest view I have seen for the time i've been here. We ate out on the patio and watched fireworks after! It was so cool! Hawaii definitely has its benefits!

Other than that things are pretty slow. A lot of tracting with no success, which is pretty common tracting doens't bring much success. But as long as you do you part, do what the Lord asks you will be blessed. My testimony on obedience has grown so much out here. Saturday we tracted for almost 3 hours and had no success at all, no one was home and we taught no lessons. We were so discouraged but than we came home and got 2 calls within 5 minutes for referals from members! Its amazing how happy things like that make you. That peace and comfort comes over you and I know that this referrals came from our hard work that day.

Stay strong in the gospel everyone! You don't have to be a walking missionary like me everyday but just do what the Lord wants. We are so blessed to have the Gospel in our lives. It is such a blessing to us all. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all is well back home. Stay in touch I love hearing from you all.

Ofa atu!
Love Elder Garritson

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