Friday, June 11, 2010

June10th Email--Time is short at the MTC!


Boy another week down and only 5 more days of this place. This place is so amazing I have learned so much about the BOM and about teaching the Gospel so people will understand. Teaching with the spirit, compromising with people, it has definitely been a humbling experience! I am ready to get to the islands tho and teach people. I cannot wait. This church is so true. I have come to know without a doubt it my mind that this is the true church! I have done a lot this week we had our TA where we taught fake investigators and that was awesome!!! That was probably the first time I have felt the spirit put words into my mouth, its hard to explain but really thats how it went. The gospel is so awesome guys I tell you what! Tuesday night we got to hear from Elder Robert D. Hales!!!! It was so cool to be in his presence. The night before I just had a feeling someone important was coming so I made my companion come with me an hour and a half early so we could be close. We were like 20 rows from him it was so cool! He talked about obedience, well thats what he said he was going to talk about but really he didn't talk about that until the end. He talked a ton about the light of Christ!! I love the principle of the light of Christ, it probably is one of my favorite things to study about this gospel.. Holy cats he put it so strongly and the spirit was so strong the whole time! We watched a talk by David A Bednar about becoming a missionary and I would highly recommend everyone watch that! Also Miracle of a Mission by Jeffrey R Holland is another great one to watch and show the priests! So lesson 2 is about the plan of salvation and today I was reading in 1 Nephi 10 and its so crazy how God laid out his plan for us. There's no way someone could have made this up, everything falls into place and its just amazing! I love it!!

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