Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter from March 26, 2012

Boy whats going on. I didn't think we would be writing today because
today is some Hawaiian holiday, but we have the family history center
so we got to write.

So this week was kind of a down week for us, not a lot happened and
everything was pretty slow. We had interviews with President and
Sister Dalton and that was really good. It's always good to see them I
love them so much. Definitely two of my favorite people that I have
ever met, they are amazing. We had some good talks.

This Sunday we put on an awesome Musical Fireside. We taught the Restoration of the
Gospel through music. It was unreal and there was choke people there.
President and Sister Dalton flew over from Oahu to speak, it was
solid. We had a whole choir of non members singing so that was really
special for them and now they want 20 Hawaiian copies of the Book of Mormon! The
work here in Maui is progressing, we are going to end up with 14
baptisms for the month of March, and we are stacking up for April to
hit our high water mark of 18. Maui has never seen that many baptisms
in 1 month so that's our goal. I know we can do it, our zone is money
so it'll be legit. We already have 15 scheduled so we are well on our
way. As for our investigators, we are at a stand still with Robert and
Amanda, so pray for them!

That's all I got for now, I can't believe it's 22 months today,
unreal. I love you and thanks so much for all that you have done this
week in helping me out with school and what not, it's very comforting
knowing someone at home is there to love and support and help.


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