Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

to me, Ryan

Yo whats up! Good week, saw a great miracle as Robert N***** entered
into the waters of baptism! His baptism was unreal. The Stake
President was there and baptized and confirmed him. A lot of support
was there as this was a huge step for him and his family. It was very
cool and special to be a part of with this wonderful man. It was just
a matter of time with him. Good stuff, we are kind of dry right now
after baptizing all of our investigators. It was good for this ward,
they haven't seen a lot of baptisms lately so seeing a lot of converts
join the church has brought a lot of fire, so we'll see what happens.
We have one 15 year old girl we are still trying to work with. The
mission is the best though! All the hard things you run into in the
mission are wiped away when you have a baptism. It is the coolest
thing in the world to watch someone make this big step in their life.
This is the most important decision they will ever make, and it's cool
to know you are just a little part of that for them. It's unreal to
see the change that comes in each of the converts, their countenance
changes that much to testify to you that the things they have just
done are exactly what Father wants for each of us. I love being a
missionary and disciple of Jesus Christ, I couldn't ask for anything

We had some good training this week on how to resolve peoples concerns
and better teach them and not so much the lesson. Figuring out what is
holding them back from entering the waters of baptism and getting rid
of all those concerns. We had this training 18 months ago, but boy was
it nice to get a refresher course on it. So on Monday, President,
Sister Dalton, and the Assistants' came over and gave us a 6 hour
training with a lot of practice on going to Heaven to help an
investigator out, in the way Heavenly Father wants it done. It's pretty
cool and the Lord never lets you down. We have been able to apply that
a couple times this week, especially in another area on exchange as we
resolved a woman's concern and now she is getting baptized on the 27th
of this month! I have learned that everything on the mission is a
preparation for life, no matter what it is we learn. From working with
people, to working with leaders, to being organized, to using time
wisely, dealing with rejection and trials, it's all contained in 2
years out on the mission. I know it's Heavenly Father preparing me for
what life is going to be like and I am ever so grateful for it.

On Tuesday we took the ferry over to Molokai for exchanges. That is
the benefit of serving in Maui, our zone covers 3 islands so
occasionally we get to go to other islands. The ferry ride was legit
because we saw a lot of whales. About 200 feet from a Shamu jumped
like 5 times completely out of the water. Unbelievable! Molokai is
awesome. There is about 7000 people there and 1000 are members. Very
laid back place, everything shuts down at 7, no street lights, it's
definately not South Jordan! But because of that, people are very open
and very close to the Spirit, so they see a lot of success. That's one
cool island!

All is well out here, I am doing great. I love my companion, he is
from Philly (too bad I know, but what can ya do?hahaha!) nah he is money. We
are very similar so we have a good time and work well together. Maui
is rockin. The mission is on fire, next week is transfers and I can't
believe it. We will be staying together so I am not too worried about

 I love you all! God speed.  Elder G.

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