Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ALOHA FROM MAUI...March 10, 2012

Well this has been a good week. It was transfer week and I found out
that Elder Porter is leaving and I will be getting a new companion. It
wasn't much of a suprise, I was pretty sure of it. My new companion is
Elder Carrel and he is a young missionary but we are a lot a like so I
can't wait. He will be a good missionary for my last companion, it's
crazy that I am on my last companion. He is from Philadelphia, but
lived in Utah for a while. We will have a good time together and have
a lot of success.

So yep Christi comes out here this week, they get here on Tuesday. I
know she won't be on Maui because we have gotten the list of who is
coming to our zone, but it didn't take a wise guy to figure that one
out  .But anywho, yeah she might actually start in my first wards,
Kahala & Hawaii Kai.

 I love President Dalton.   All the brethren, man I tell you what, they have
a sense of humor that is like nothing else. You guys are going to love
him and his wife, I miss them a lot.

As for us, this week has been pretty good. It's weird, the weeks just
combine together and I don't ever remember what happens from week to
week. We had some awesome lessons with Tasha, she had her baptism
interview yesterday and she is ready to rock, she is the best! Man her
testimony is so solid, and at one of our lessons she said the closing
prayer. Probably the most sincere prayer I have ever heard, it was
great. She will have a ton of people at her baptism, it'll be good.

Saturday was legit, Hana had a baptism so we were able to go out
there. The branch over there is the best, they are all so local and so
loving, and they were so happy to see us come out there because they
haven't seen elders up there in a long time. The drive was beautiful
as always. We had to drive back in the night and that was pretty
crazy, but I was driving so come on nothing too worry about! Haha jk
it was actually a better drive because no one was on the road so it
was quick. It was a great day.

Well anywho I am just rambling on, nothing much to talk about. Hope
all is well back home, love you all! Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder G.

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