Monday, February 27, 2012

Post for February 20, 2012 (I'm trying to catch up!)

Well this week has been a good one for us once again! We had some good
lessons with Tasha who is getting baptized on the 3rd, and Amanda
 who decided to get baptized on the 10th! They are both so
solid and really are the best people in the World. Maui is rocking it
right now. We have had 6 baptisms the past 2 weekends, and we have 20
with a date for March and definitely more that will come! I love this
place, it is so sweet! We have an awesome zone, everyone gets along
really well and loves each other.

Last Tuesday we had our zone conference which was excellent! It was
nice not know what was going to be said in zone conference haha, it
was good to get a suprise. I was happy to see President and Sister
Dalton again, they are the best! I love those people so much, they
truly are the definition of a disciple of Jesus Christ. The
assistants' are the best, they trained on us the use of time and
taking the mission to the next level. President went hard on the
importance of obedience, and went deeper into the reasons why we are
obedient and the blessings behind it and how those blessings have to
come if we are obedient. It was super good, I wish I had it recorded.

Other than that, the week was awesome. We had Molokai and Lanai
staying at our pad on Tuesday night after zone conference so that was
ridiculous. Had some cool experiences together with all of them. One
of the Tongan elders told me his conversion story, it was amazing.
This zone is something else, one of the best zones that I have ever served in,
I love it. The work is good. We are going to Kihei today, playing
 volleyball, horseshoes and rugby, it'll be legit. Hope all is
well back home, sounds like everyone is doing well. I love you all!


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