Monday, February 14, 2011

ALOOOOHA! February 7, 2011

Elder Tuih and Jordan
Elder Smith and Jordan

Once again, I'm a little late posting last week's letter--got busy, what can I say! I'll repent! Thanks Sis S.!!! Love pics! Jordan and his comp went to Kaneohe to get their oil changed and ran into his old comp, Elder S.! Good times!

Ithink the Packers are in the house baby!!! Haha actually I just wanted them to win because all the sudden last week we saw a bunch of Steelers fans (bandwagoners acutally) come out of the wood works from EVERYWHERE! I have never seen so much Steelers stuff in my life it was ridiculous, and people were bearing their testimonies about how the Steelers were going to win and stuff, oh man I was not happy but once the Pack pulled through it was a glorious day! So my thought for this week is this, when you get up to bear your testimony about our Savior, bear your testimony about our Savior! No on cares about how the Steelers are going to do on Sunday or whatever it is. Its okay to crack a few jokes, but don't give a storymony, give a testimony! Thats all I have to say about that.

This week was a pretty solid week! We did some work. The kid in the Tongan ward is still set for the 19th of Feb. and he is solid. He has such a strong testimony and we have really answered all his questions and concerns about the church. Its amazing how the Spirit works to convert people. If they will just seek, the answer will come.

So we have been meeting with another family named the B***** who have been inactive for the past 50 or so years. We have been teaching them the past 4 weeks and they are SOLID! They both have an amazing testimony of the gospel and are working towards getting to the temple. They remind me of the J**** in so many ways, just wanting to change everything now. It is a sure blessing to teach them weekly, and it strengthens my testimony everytime we go over.

We tracted into this guy on Saturday night. Oh man he is a pretty funny but he wants to change and everything so we are going to teach him everyday simple principles about the Gospel. He talks like it's no one's business about the most random things! He's a funny guy tho, at least he is willing to learn. The Spirit is there, though, and Elder Tuih and I are surprised sometimes. Oh the things of the mission!

So thats about all I got! I love you all, hope all is well back home! You are always in my prayers.

Love ya all!
Elder Garritson

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