Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 16, 2010

Howzit yall!

Boy time really flies especially when you are working hard! Suprsingly though, this week has been really slow. Our investigator pool right now is very slim so we don't get too much teaching to new investigators. I am going to ask to give a talk in Sacrament, teach classes, and some other stuff to get missionary work back on the rise. I have really come to realize how much members mean to missionary work. Missionary work does not exist without members (you all remember that!!!!) Without a couple members in our ward, work would be dead, so I am going to give everyone a little awakening.

This Saturday Brother and Sister J. are getting baptized! Really looking forward to it! I have been waiting for this day since the day I first taught them back in the beginning of July. From that day I just knew they would be baptized! They have such amazing spirits, especially Uncle B****! We taught him on Tuesday and he bore his testimony and was just crying the whole time. It really is such a testament to me of how true this gospel is. He knows without a doubt that it is true. Haha we taught them about tithing and that one is always scary to go into because you don't know what people will think, and come to find out they are already paying tithing!!!! Ha it was funny to hear that from them. I love hearing his testimony. I can't wait to tell you all about the baptism next week.

So we ran into a couple while tracting and taught them the first lesson. It was cool becuase that was my first experience being able to teach someone from tracting. I don't know how well they accepted the message but we have been praying for them and they are allowing us to come back next Saturday. We also taught a lady from Hawaii Kai. It was really good, she has been taught before by sisters but nothing happened. We talked about prayer the whole time and finally she told us about a dream she had and it just clicked. We got her to realize that was an answer to her prayers and she just changed! She really felt the Spirit! I am excited to keep teaching her.

So thats about all thats happened this week. Here is my thought to you all this week: This comes from Mosiah 3:19. I love King Benjamin. But in it talks about putting off the natural man and becoming a saint. I want you all to read "In the Strength of the Lord" by Elder Bednar. (here is the link to the talk)

He talks about the atonement and different aspects of it, specifically how we can get strength thru the atonement. It is so amazing and this talk hit me so hard. It has really changed my life, so please take the time to do this. Love you all, can't wait to here from you guys!

Ofa Atu! Elder Garritson

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