Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 21, 2012

Well the feeling is bitter sweet that is for sure. I am trying not to
think about it but the fact that this is the last week of missionary
work as a full time missionary is scary, but I'll live. It's crazy to
think that two years has gone by already. It doesn't seem like it, but
it's been a great ride. I'll give my final hurrah in an email next
week, still have work to do this week.

We had an awesome week this week, especially on Wednesday. We flew to
Oahu and had a mission tour from Elder Wilson of the 2nd Quorum of the
70. He spoke last general conference on Sunday. It's always amazing to
hear from General Authorities, you definitely take everything they say
as straight revelation from God. It was funny and a very humbling
experience for me. We were guessing what he would talk about, knowing
all the mission and what not, but we were way off.
Elder Wilson talked about the most important thing anyone can ever do,
read the Book of Mormon. He taught us the power behind in and how if
someone is to become CONVERTED to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they
must read from the Book of Mormon each and everyday. You learn that
early on in the mission, and it sticks with you, but you kind of put
it on the back burner at times. It's sad but its the truth. Well it
was good to hear that, because, not only is it going to help with
missionary work, but it was a good thing to hear as I am coming down
to the close. The way that I have gained a strong testimony of the
Gospel is not because I am on a mission. Yes a mission has helped, but
it's the things that I have done on a mission, and most importantly is
reading the Book of Mormon everyday. That book is true, I know it with
all my heart! Read the Book of Mormon, I love it and it will bless you
life in ways that you would never think. It was a good mission tour,
very grateful for it.

Sunday was hard, the ward gave me some time to speak in Sacrament
meeting. Just like leaving home is hard to say bye to people you love,
I think leaving the mission has been a harder experience. I love the
people of Hawaii, the wards I have served in, this has been the most
amazing place to be in the whole world!

 I love you all, I'll see you
in a few!  Elder G

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  1. Welcome home Elder G! By all accounts I've heard, i.e., Elder Smith, etc. you've been an outstanding missionary who went for the right reason and served with all his heart. You've truly returned with honor and are an excellent example to those who look up to you. :)
    Elder Smith's mom.