Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2, 2012 Late posting this! Busy week!

Well Happy New Year to all!

 This year wasn't nearly as big as last year.
Everything was banned starting this year, so it was harder for people
to pop fireworks. I mean people did and it was still loud, but last
year was unreal. It was fun for us, the Honolulu Zone all went to the
institute, hung out and ate. We got to stay up late, the only time the
whole mission, so that was nice. It was a good year, 2011 was a big
one. Looking forward to 2012, a lot of good stuff will happen!

So we had a couple of huge miracles this week, it was awesome! First
off, we found a new family to teach! About 1 month ago we were walking
around and we talked to this lady who had a baby. She was probably 23
or so, and we just small talked and then asked if we could come over.
She told us where she lived and said come over whenever. Well that was
right during zone conference and stuff so we were super busy and never
had a chance to make it over to her house. We always talked about her
and how cool she was and that we needed to see her, but never did.
Well on Thursday we a little time to go out to our area and we were
like let's go see her. So it was like 630, we had dinner at 7 so we
decided we would stop by. We parked and starting walking toward to her
house. A truck drove by, and when we met her she was driving a truck.
Elder Menlove & I looked at each other and were like was that her? But
we weren't sure. We got to her house and then we look behind us and
the truck is reversing toward us! She rolled the window down and was
like "hey I was the one you met in Pololo, I have to go pick someone
up but come back in like an hour."

So we went back that night and the family is so sick!!! Man they are the best. The Mom, the girl we met and her sister were super interested. It was funny, her sister in 19
and we were telling her what we don't do as missionaries and her eyes
were getting bigger and bigger. Her facial expressions were priceless,
we were laughing our heads off! The Mom was amazing, they know about
the Church, and have some extended family that are members. She was
golden man, telling us about how she wish she grew up as a member and
what not. We answered a lot of questions and then taught the
Restoration. It was so tight!! This was one of the biggest miracles of
my whole mission. I guarantee they will be baptized. Elder Menlove and
I love them so much, they are family already! So many things came
togther at the exact right time. We had extra time, we had dinner in
that area at 7, we parked right as she was driving away, so much. Oh
and even more, they were going to go out and eat as a family but they
saw us and said they would stay home. UNREAL! Take all these so called
"coincidences" and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, full of
miracles. I love this work man, this was one of the happiest days of
my whole mission. We are going to see many miracles happen with these
amazing people. We also have found a couple other people that are
super cool and we will continue to work with, it's going to be a good

All is well out here, I love you all! May the Lord bless each one of
you as you begin this year of 2012!
Elder G OUT!

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