Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ALOHA!!!!!!!!!!! December 6, 2011

Boy whats going on! Sounds like it has been a pretty good week, we
have had a good but crazy week. Best of all the Cougars came over here
and stomped on Hawaii so that's always good news! All the UH fans were
not happy about that, but I made sure they heard about it because they
sure we letting me know about it before the game! Haha nah I didn't
even know BYU won until the next day, you kind of forget about all
that stuff on the mission.

So we started Christmas Zone Conference this week and boy is it a good
one! Man I tell you what if I could go to a Zone Conference everyday I
would be set for life, especially one completely centered on our
Savior Jesus Christ. We didn't do much training so that's always a
good thing. All the Zone Leaders give a training about the Doctrine of
Christ and what not, super spiritual. Every single one is different
but so good. I have never felt so good after a zone conference than I
did on Tuesday. Wow my boy Elder Smith and his companion Elder Ence
gave one of the best trainings on the Atonement. It was about his
suffering, death and resurrection. They hit it all and it was just a
very spiritual time. We all bore testimony of that great event, it was
really cool. During Christmas Zone Conference it's always a treat
because you get to watch a movie. This year we are watching 17
Miracles. If you haven't seen that, I would highly recommend watching
it. Unreal show, super sad though. That movie is the reason I am serving
a mission. That is the reason I gave up 2 years of my life, because
they gave up SO MUCH more. It's just a testimony to me of the
truthfulness of the Gospel. That is a solid movie, seen it 3 times and
we have 4 more to go and I am going to watch it every time, good

So after 3 transfers of being with my boy Elder Stelter,  he is being
released and an assistant. It'll be hard, he was a phenomenal
companion that taught me so much. I know that the Lord put me with him
simply to learn, to grow and learn. He taught me so much about being a
good missionary. I am so grateful that the Lord continually surrounds
me with great people. All my companions and the people I have served
with teach me. It's a wonderful experience and something I am very
grateful to my Father in Heaven for. My new companion is Elder
Menlove. Elder Menlove is so solid, we have served around each other
for a while now and he is another one, greatness surrounding me. We
are going to have a lot of fun together.

All is well, life is good, I love you all! I hope all is going well,
stay in touch, I'd love to hear how your holiday seasons are going. I
miss you all, I thank you all for everything that you do for me! My
prayers are with you, may the Lord bless you during this wonderful
holiday season!

Love to all,
Elder G. 

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  1. Elder G has been such an influence on Travis and I'm sure next week when they say goodbye will be a hard one. I'm so glad President Dalton let them watch "17 Miracles." Travis has a few ancestors from his dad's side whose stories are touched upon in the movie. I know the movie made Travis view his ancestors in a way that he never had before. I love the story of Levi Savage (no relation) and how he doesn't turn bitter after being rebuked publicly in a meeting about his concerns about continuing on with the trek but asked for forgiveness later on in the trek. Amazing man for me to learn from.

    Thank you Elder G for this tidbit about my Travis. You've been a great companion and friend to him.