Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ALOHA!! June 6, 2011 (posted a little late! )

Howzit my friends and family back in the Beehive State. Sounds like all is well back home and that you are finally getting some sunshine, that's all good except for the flooding I hope none of you get flooded out. Things out here are pretty solid for us as far as weather goes, the side we are on gets pretty hot and dry so its kind of like back home. Suprisingly we have been getting choke rain over here. It still stays pretty nice and even if it rains on you, you dry up super quick so its not bad at all. Just a quick update on the weather situation for us haha!

So like I mentioned last week Elder Larsen and I got a new companion from Tonga and he is a solid missionary. He is having a good time out here and learning a lot. I think he was super suprised to be with 2 white kids from Utah because he got called to be a Tongan speaking missionary. He will probably head out of here at the end of the transfer and go into a Tongan ward. I tell you what though, being in a trio is real different. Its a big change but its nice to train in a trio. Tracting doesn't happen so when we knock, one person sits out on the street haha. Its pretty funny but I am loving it.

This week we found some new investigators thru tracting. Its crazy out here compared to my first area, people are more than willing to listen and take the time. So we have gotten in quite a few doors just by knocking. But since we have been doing that we have seen a lot of help from the members. That is the way the Lord works I have come to find out. We have to do what we can in our power and than the Lord blesses us with miralces and we work hard. Its a good feeling after a hard days work when nothing happens and then a member calls you and says they have a friend for you to teach. Its better than all those doors slammed in your face. The mission life is great!

So not too much else happened this week. We are putting on a musical fireside at the end of this month and it is going to be solid. Cant believe how fast things are flying by, all the elders I looked up to when I came into the mission are leaving, its nuts. But I am loving it and working hard. Thanks for all you do, let me know whats up.

Love you all!
Elder G.

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